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With the hiring of Mike Quade officially out of the way, the Cubs will begin focusing on 2011, and beyond. Quade and the front office are expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss the coaching staff for next season … as well as possible personnel moves.

From Andrew Cashner to Adam Dunn to Lance Berkman to Tyler Colvin … here is the latest from Bruce Levine.

Soon after the Cubs announced Mike Quade would remain as the team’s manager, Bruce Levine held his weekly chat on ESPN Chicago. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Three different teams approached the Cubs that wanted to interview Mike Quade for their managerial opening.
  • Jim Hendry’s budget will determine what players Mike Quade will have to work with next season.
  • A lot of teams are interested in Adam Dunn.
  • Levine pointed out Adam Dunn is making $10 million a year “and will be looking for a lot more.”
  • The Cubs are struggling with the decision of what to do with Andrew Cashner. They are trying to decide if he “is a top of the rotation pitcher or the closer of the future.” Cashner told Levine he would be fine with either role.
  • If the Cubs don’t sign Adam Dunn, they could look at Lance Berkman. Berkman might be a better fit with the budget than Dunn.
  • There is “an understanding with the Cubs and Larry Rothschild.” If he wants to leave he can and if they want to pay him off to leave they can.
  • Levine said it was Tyler Colvin’s decision not to play first base at the end of last season … and not Mike Quade’s. Colvin did not feel comfortable enough to play there at the end of the season and did not want to cost his team games.
  • Levine does not see Xavier Nady returning next season … “the two Tommy John surgeries may have taken his power stroke away.”
  • Levine does not see Alfonso Soriano being traded and seemed to joke he will be a Cub until he retires. Soriano has four years and $72 million left on his contract.
  • If the 2011 season started tomorrow, Blake DeWitt would be the Cubs’ starting second baseman … but Orlando Hudson is available according to Levine.
  • Levine said there is not much of a market for Carlos Silva.
  • Dusty Baker and Lou Piniella could not get Aramis Ramirez to give 100% for 162 games, can Mike Quade? Quade did for 37 games according to Levine.

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