Rambling While Grasping the Last Bit of Baseball

It has been quite some time since the CCO Faithful were forced to read and digest my random stream of consciousness. And let’s be honest … that is not really fair to any of you. You deserve so much more of me … just like most women.

The winter is drawing near and in a week, baseball will be over for quite some time. So, before we put away those summer dreams, let’s ramble on down the road wondering if it’s possible for the Cubs to actually play baseball this late into October.

  • So, anyone else think Zambrano shows up in February 30 pounds lighter and mentally focused just ready to finally take the next step in his career? You know, like a brand new Zambrano.
  • Anyone new to my ramblings: That is a joke.
  • I think Soto will lose 15 more pounds this offseason and be on the cusp on greatness.
  • He can rip on Wrigley, the locker rooms, anything he wants, but Ozzie’s true stomach, groin, face, back, etc. PUNCH will come when he puts Ryno in a White Sox jersey.
  • How WOW. Just imagine that for a second. Let it swirl around your head.
  • Puke yet? I did.
  • And a lot more than just in my mouth.
  • So … which Randy Wells shows up in 2011? 2009 Randy Wells? Or the 2010 Randy Wells?
  • Or Meg Ryan? Or Jack Nicholson 1976?
  • Can we trade Kosuke Fukudome for Matt Murton?
  • I am serious.
  • He’d be a lot closer to the Japanese import we hoped would be like Ichiro!
  • Okay, I know this is off-topic, but some people have been speculating about Patrick Kane’s slow start for the defending Stanley Cup Champions Blackhawks …
  • The answer is that the man ingested a rather large quantity of products from Mr. Miller, Mr. Coors, Mr. Budweiser, Mr. Jack, Mr. Johnnie, Mr. Jose, etc. over the past four months.
  • I, too, am only speculating, but that could play a role in his early-season struggles … maybe … possibly …
  • Back to baseball …
  • So Kerry Wood and Mark Prior are available … you know The Hendry is sitting up there just trying to hide his excitement.
  • Heck, throw Karros over at first and put Lofton in center and the Cubs will be rocking once again!
  • In all seriousness, the Cubs bullpen could use some help. And Kerry wouldn’t be a bad option. If I am wearing my Cubs goggles on this one, please let me know. Sometimes, I just don’t know any better and cannot help myself.
  • ADAM DUNN …….
  • Was that clear enough for you?
  • It is a huge waste of money. Why sign him now? Why this year? It makes no sense. This is a rebuilding year. A building block of sorts, if you will. It is a severe waste of money.
  • I think many share this sentiment, but we should wait a year and go after Adrian Gonzalez. He said he would like to play in Chicago, and he is a much better all-around player.
  • Dunn will be 31 in a little over a week. Gonzalez won’t be 30 until May of the 2012 season.
  • This seems so obvious to me. Why is The Hendry going to do this? Why? Why? Please! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • And while we are on free agent discussions …
  • The Orlando Hudson ship has sailed. It’s gone. It is so far away I cannot even remember what it looked like.
  • This is a rebuilding year. Let Blake DeWitt and his $410,000 contract start at second base next season. There is absolutely no reason to sign Hudson.
  • So, with all that said, I will bet a lot of money that Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson comprise the right side of the Cubs infield next season.
  • It is just so maddening. I am an optimistic kind of guy, but the next few months will say a lot about the Cubs management and their ability to run a baseball team.
  • And I am not too optimistic about that.
  • 2011 should be a rebuilding year. I think this is a simple task, and one that really cannot be messed up.
  • But then again, it is the Cubs.

That is all for now. Let’s hope all is quiet on the Cubs front for quite some time.

I look forward to swapping intelligent rhetoric with all of you in the comments section below and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

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