Rambling While Lovin’ Me Some Quade

Ladies, gentlemen, children and those who act like children it has been awhile since I have unleashed my almost unedited stream of consciousness on the CCO Faithful.

It has been a long season and there are just over three weeks left until this misery can finally be put to bed. With that being the case, let’s have some fun, albeit, at the expense of the Cubs.

So, without further ado, here we go rambling …

  • Ryan Dempster lost his 100th game on Sunday. With the way he has pitched the past month or two, I could go yard on him as well.
  • I know he teased us all in 2008, but Geo Soto has put up very respectable numbers for a catcher this season. His close to .400 OBP is great, and he has been more than serviceable behind the plate. But I would like him to work on catching the ball from players that are not the pitcher.
  • And while he is at it, he needs to work on foul tips as well.
  • Robinson Chirinos and Welington Castillo better get used to cooling their heels. Unless there is an injury, I see Soto as the Cubs backstop for the foreseeable future.
  • You know this means; Chirinos will be the catcher by next June.
  • Mark Prior is with the Texas Rangers.
  • So, you are telling me it was Lou’s fault that Fukudome didn’t live up to expectations for close to three years. There must have been too much pressure. Clearly, Fukudome will now go out and hit .300+ with 20 homers next year. Glad we solved that problem.
  • I am NOT being serious.
  • It’s called Sarcasm.
  • But wait; maybe Fukudome will put up those types of numbers next year.
  • Kidding.
  • Or am I?
  • Anybody else notice what Zambrano has done recently? Obviously, we can count on him for 20 W’s next seas…… sorry, I couldn’t even finish typing that.
  • Mark Prior is with the Texas Rangers.
  • I am impressed with Colvin. He has done everything that’s been asked of him and put up respectable numbers as a rookie. I think declaring that he will or won’t do certain things is unfair and near-sighted. Give the kid another full season before banning or praising him.
  • I know, I know, I should look in the mirror on that one. I was screaming “Rookie of the Year” not too long ago. That, he is not. But a future star … maybe. Remember, anything is possible.
  • It is a long season. It takes a toll on a lot of players, especially when you are 20. A few days off was the right way to handle the situation.
  • Another good call by Quade.
  • Mark Prior is with the Texas Rangers.
  • Am I the only one who thinks Randy Wells days in the rotation are numbered? There is just no way he can be a lock to start 2011. Right?
  • Hopefully, it is just a sophomore slump because he has been downright atrocious.
  • In fact, Randy Wells can be summed up as “Smoke and Mirrors.” Prove me wrong, Mr. Wells. Please.
  • Did anyone else notice who most likely will be managing in the playoffs?
  • Yes, I know. It hurts. But maybe, just maybe, you have to play all of your players, dude.
  • I said it before and I will say it again, I am in “Camp Ryno.”
  • However, Mr. Mike Quade has been impressive. It might just be a new voice for the players, but I wish he had a little more time.
  • Ryne Sandberg will be managing in the Bigs next season.
  • Mark Prior is with the Texas Rangers.
  • Who is our Joey Votto? Who is our Albert Pujols? Who is our Prince Fielder?
  • Seriously, we have to produce someone … soon. Who do you think it will be? Josh Vitters? Brett Jackson? Or, maybe … Rebel Riding? Or someone else?
  • Hey, Votto was 25 during his first full year. Anything is possible, right?

Well, I think that is it for me now. Just trying to keep it light amid the final weeks of this disastrous campaign. And, as much as I hate to say this … they get to try it all again next year.

I hope you are all well and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

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