Rambling while it is time to move on …

Well, shut the competitive door on the Cubs 2010 season. It is over. An oversized female is shouting words somewhere.

It … is … over.

Of course, this is not breaking news to anyone. Those paying attention knew this was most likely going to happen back in late May. It is a poor way to send Lou off into the sunset, but other Cubs careers have already or are about to come to an end.

So, let’s ramble … and feel free to add your thoughts and ramblings streams of consciousness below.

  • Is it me or is this season eerily similar to 2006
  • Lee didn’t get hurt, but he didn’t show up.
  • At first Lou was going to be the one to lead the Cubs to the Promised Land. Now he is going out on a sour note. Sounds a lot like … Dusty Baker.
  • In 2006, we traded a pitcher to the Dodgers nicknamed “The Maddog.”
  • In 2010, we traded a pitcher to the Dodgers nicknamed “The Bulldog.”
  • However, Blake DeWitt is a much, MUCH better get than Cesar Izturis.
  • This is for a friend of mine … I was WRONG about Izturis. You were right, Dan, and I was wrong. And as I look back, I am ashamed and embarrassed to have thought that.
  • Who else is ecstatic about the long overdue debut of the great Thomas Diamond tonight at Wrigley?!?!?!?
  • Yes, there is a bit of sarcasm there. However, I think some people are actually excited to see what he does … and that, my friends, perfectly sums up the 2010 Cubs season.
  • I do not think Sean Marshall will be returning to Denver or anywhere near there for quite some time. Ouch. That was ROUGH.
  • What to do with Carlos Zambrano? Don’t you think that if you had just been suspended for a month you would do exactly what the team tells you to or at least asks you to? NOPE!
  • I heard that Hendry indicated there would be at least two waves of young guys coming up to play. I know many of you on here are excited about this. I am not sure what to think.
  • There is no true first-base prospect in the Cubs system. DeWitt, Castro and Ramirez fill out the infield next year. Soriano, Colvin and Byrd will be in the outfield next year as well. So, Robinson Chirinos? Welington Castillo? Who else gets a real shot? I love Brett Jackson, but he should arrive after next year, I would imagine.
  • I am just trying to be realistic, and I have said this before, but I do not see Bryan LaHair, Micah Hoffpauir or Brad Snyder playing over Derrek Lee that often during what could be Derrek’s last month with the Cubs.
  • Maybe they could get some time in the outfield, but these guys are not the future either.
  • Now, pitching … and outside of Diamond and Jay Jackson, what am I excited about?
  • We know what Samardzija can and cannot do, unless he truly developed a third pitch.
  • I am not trying to be negative, but I am not sure there is all that much to watch the next two months.
  • I want to see Soto, Colvin and Castro remain consistent and productive. I would like to see Cashner settle in. I want to see Marshall start.
  • What am I missing?
  • Oh right, who is going to manage? Ha. That will be fun.
  • Cubs Faithful, it is time for 2011. What should we be looking at or paying attention to or focusing on? Please, share your thoughts and feelings below. I have said enough.

Enjoy those summer nights while they last, Cubs Faithful, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

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