Ramblings while watching the Home Run Derby

Ahhh … the All-Star break. Time for a few days off from actual games and time for the players to relax, recoup and re-focus. And I think the Cubs could really use some of this R & R.

Also, like many of you, I look forward to a bit of break of this baseball team.

Therefore, I will rant. I will ramble. And I will roll. Yes, I like the r-words today.

Here we go:

  • The Cubs payroll is $144 million, and they have ONE All-Star. ONE. Let that sink in.
  • Let me add that they only have one All-Star because they HAVE to have ONE. That is the only reason a team with a $144 million payroll has only ONE All-Star.
  • Meanwhile, the Brewers payroll is more than $50 million less, and they have THREE All-Stars.
  • Can you tell I am not very happy about this?
  • I love Marlon Byrd. I have a full-fledged man crush on the dude. However, in my humble opinion, he is not an All-Star.
  • So, in reality, the Cubs don’t have an All-Star.
  • Corey Hart is underrated.
  • I like the Home Run Derby. The Slam Dunk contest was the only thing that USED to compare to it, but that has lost its luster. Also, it’s always fun to try to guess the cities Berman will use while saying, “That ball is on it’s way to __________.”
  • His most recent offering: Santa Barbara.
  • Carlos Silva got booted on purpose, and you know what … it made me laugh. I didn’t care. He didn’t want anything to do with that mound on Sunday evening in LA. It was comical.
  • Wait, did you see that? Did you hear that? It is Aramis Ramirez. It appears that he was only three months late.
  • Is it me or did somebody tell Geo Soto that he is very close to having to compete for a starting spot next spring? What has gotten into him?
  • Remember when I said Corey Hart was underrated? He just put up a zero in the second round. Maybe he is accurately rated.

Here is my opinion. And I want to hear from you about this below:

  • Trade Theriot and Baker. I do not care if you get nothing for them. Trade them.
  • Keep Fontenot.
  • Start Tyler Colvin no less than 5 out of every 7 games, if not more. Just let him get experience. This team is probably not going anywhere.
  • And remember, when they come back and win the division, I will say that I told you so.
  • So Hendry got the dreaded “Vote of Confidence.” Ouch, man. Very ouch.
  • I did enjoy the part when Ricketts said that no one could foresee the Cubs struggles this season. Um, I think I know a few regular readers of this site that would say otherwise.
  • Then again, some of these readers always predict disaster.
  • I understand that some young guys need experience, but I have to take a stand here. Saying that Cubs should start what would basically resemble a minor league team is not right. It’s not true and it’s not accurate.
  • Go ahead and disagree, but Major League teams have to field the most competitive team and starting half of the Iowa and Tennessee rosters would not be competitive. There is a reason those players are where they are.
  • Hendry, Fleita, Wilken, etc. know these players better than any one of us. The leadership might not have made the proper decisions in the past, but they still know more than I do.
  • The question is though, do they know more than others in the same profession. That is extremely debatable right now. And I know what I would debate.
  • However, it is way to early to judge Wilken. His track record speaks for itself. At least give him time. If there is a change at the top, I hope Wilken can stick around.
  • Remember this: In early May every Red Sox fan wanted David Ortiz to be cut. At the break he is hitting .263 with 18 HRs, 57 RBI and a .384 OBP. And he just won the Home Run Derby.
  • It’s baseball. You never know what is going to happen.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the All-Star game and hopefully a much better second half for our beloved Cubs.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver