Teased Again

There I was Saturday afternoon in the upper-deck box seats down the left field line at beautiful Wrigley Field. Truly, there is not a better place to spend a Saturday afternoon, even if it is sweltering.

And then there was the game, a pitcher’s duel through seven innings when Castro finally scored on a brilliantly executed suicide squeeze. Marshall looked great in the 8th and then Marmol and Soto tore my heart out again.

After the Cubs won the first two games of the series and Randy Wells was doing his best “I am not Randy Wells” impression on Saturday my mind began to wander. And in that incessant wandering, those thoughts crept up on me. You know those thoughts. They are the thoughts many Cubs fans have.

  • If we sweep this series, we are only seven under and probably seven or eight games out. It’s not over.
  • The pitching is coming around, Aramis is starting to hit which will rub off on Lee and many others in the lineup and this team could really turn it around.
  • Colvin and Castro have been impressive and their play is encouraging. They will only get better.
  • Soto is hitting and playing well behind the plate. Marmol has been unhittable lately and closing everything in sight.

Then the top of the ninth happened. Walks, errors, wild pitches … and I was out of there. I could not stand to watch the debacle end. I had disconnected my emotions for this team a month ago.

However, after a Thursday night trouncing and a come-from-behind win Friday, I was almost all-in once again. I was shouting, standing, screaming and smiling.

The emotion was back. The Cubs were somehow inspiring and Wrigley was rocking. Then, in ten short minutes, the Flubs, sorry Cubs, reminded us exactly who they really are once again … a pitcher unable to find the strike zone, and a CATCHer unable to CATCH the ball. Yes, Alanis, it is pretty darn ironic, don’t ya think.

As a fan, all you want to do is yell. How can these players make these mistakes? What is said after the game? Sure, Geo stood up like a man and took the blame, but as a fan, it just doesn’t seem like enough. Sure, errors are made, but that error is inexcusable. However, walking two guys hitting .2-something NOT GOOD is just as inexcusable as well. That was Carlos’ issue, and it still is. It is worrisome. Is it possible to be a consistently good closer while having a legitimate control problem? He walked five guys in one inning. That is extremely problematic.

This team is not very good. It is not going to the playoffs, but I fell for it again. I am playing Charlie Brown to the Cubs role as Lucy and that damn football is never there when I swing my leg.

It’s the heart of summer in Chicago and summer means endless possibilities and those “endless summer nights!”

Nonetheless, those endless possibilities abound in the minds of many optimistic Cubs fans … even though they (me, included) know better. This is just a part of being fans of a certain team. Unfortunately, Cubs fans just need to have a more creative imagination than others.

And after the Cubs win eight of nine against the Astros and Cardinals, I will be running around telling everyone how I have believed in them since April.

And two weeks later, I will argue that I knew they were no good from Spring Training on.

Isn’t it fun being a fan!

Optimistic, pessimistic or well, just, um, mistic, we are all fan, and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"You can’t sit on a lead and kill the clock. You’ve got to give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game." - Earl Weaver