Talkin’ Cubs and MLB Trade Deadline

Updated – 12:57pm CDT – According to Jim Bowden (XM Radio), Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot have been traded to the Dodgers. No word on the return.

Who will stay? Who will go? The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is 3:00pm CDT this afternoon. Will Jim Hendry be a player? Or just stand-pat and finish the season with his poorly constructed roster?

Ted Lilly is in play, so is Ryan Theriot … and he told friends Friday he feels he will be traded at some point before the deadline. Teams have asked about Carlos Zambrano and Sean Marshall. While the rumors are flying, the Cubs have been very, very quiet.

Will Saturday have has much activity throughout the league as Thursday and Friday? Welcome to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline.

The CCO will update as the rumors and news continue to surface.

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8:10am CDT – Ken Rosenthal – Decision day for Cubs. Lilly could go to Dodgers. Twins, Tigers, Yankees varying interest. Theriot alive w Dodgers.

8:38am CDT – Jon Heyman – Mets offered Ollie Perez and Luis Castillo for Carlos Zambrano but Cubs didnt want Castillo, too.

9:07am CDT – Buster Olney – Heard this: The Yankees are not pursuing Ted Lilly. If the Cubs wanted to put him on a platter and give him away, that would change.

9:09am CDT – Bruce Levine – Cubs still discussing a deal for Ted Lilly. Cubs also discussing a trade with Diamondbacks

9:37am CDT – Bruce Levine – If Theriot is not traded to Dodgers could be sent to D’Backs along with James Russell for Kelly Johnson

9:39am CDT – Jon Heyman – Dodgers, Cubs discussing Ted Lilly but need chicago to pay much or all of the $4 mil left. Twins, Tigers, Mets, Yanks less likely

9:39am CDT – According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Dodgers are in talks for Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot. Cubs would have to send a lot of money in deal. The Dodgers like Theriot a lot and feel he would give them a much-needed back-up and experience. Cubs asking for prospects and possibly a Major League player in return … especially if Theriot is involved.

If Theriot is not traded to Dodgers in Lilly deal, could be sent to three or four other teams. As mentioned, D’Backs want James Russell in Theriot deal for Kelly Johnson.

9:48am CDT – Bruce Levine – According to Levine, the Ollie Perez/Luis Castillo for Zambrano trade was made up by the New York Media

9:50am CDT – Bruce Levine – Theriot is important part of Lilly to the Dodgers deal. If not in deal, 2 or 3 other teams are interested.

9:54am CDT – Ken Rosenthal – Mets’ offer of Perez/Castillo for Zambrano never had chance. Cubs can rebuild Z’s value final 2 months. He will not be moved today

10:06am CDT – George Ofman – Lilly deal still alive with Dodgers. It’s all about how much Cubs will pay LA – Cubs deal to D-back in their hands now. Theriot & Russell for Johnson strikes out way too much for leadoff. has 17HRs

10:09am CDT – Bruce Levine – If Lilly is not traded to Dodgers, could be sent to Yankees. NY is still interested

10:59 am CDT – Ken Rosenthal – Cubs, Dodgers working phones hard on Lilly. #MLB

11:01am CDT – Ken Rosenthal – Theriot possibly in Lilly trade between Cubs, #Dodgers as well. Still fluid. Trade is not done.

11:06am CDT – Jim Bowden – Chicago Cubs turned down a METS proposed deal of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo for Carlos Zambrano and cash

11:30am CDT – Tim Brown – Dodgers growing more optimistic they can acquire Lilly…

11:37am CDT – Bruce Levine – There is not a lot of interest in Mike Fontenot, Xavier Nady and Jeff Baker

11:41am CDT – Jayson Stark – Sounds like Cubs likely to send both Lilly & Theriot to Dodgers.

11:50am CDT – Bruce Levine – Cubs and Dodgers moving toward deal for Lilly & Theriot that would net prospects & Blake DeWitt. Levine added, if Dodgers’ deal does not happen, Lilly to Yankees remains an option. Three to four teams interested in Ryan Theriot.

11:54am CDT – JonHeyman – Giants now in play for Kelly Johnson – dbacks rejected sfgiants offer of joe martinez plus another for kelly johnson. cant blame arizona there.

11:59am CDT – Bruce Levine – Cubs front office has had discussions about moving Tyler Colvin to first base next season.

12:33pm CDT – Ken Rosenthal – Source: Dodgers trying to make Lilly/Theriot deal work. DeWitt to Cubs if it happens, along with at least one other.

12:49pm CDT – ChrisDeLuca – Including Theriot will seal Lilly-to-Dodgers deal from Chicago’s view. Dodgers are in a 1-horse race.

12:52pm CDT – Jayson Stark – Cubs on verge of trading Ted Lilly to Dodgers. All indications are that Ryan Theriot also going to LA in deal.

Updated 12:57pm CDT – According to Jim Bowden (XM Radio), Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot have been traded to the Dodgers. No word on the return.

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