Carlos … Go home and STAY there

This guy is an absolute laughingstock. Can he be serious? Who the hell gives up a three-run homer and then completely goes crazy blaming others for not diving at ground balls? And to get Derrek Lee riled up? D. Lee is seemingly reserved, laid back and quiet. It’s over. It has to be.

Is this some kind of joke Carlos? What gives him the right? And then to go to dinner with Ozzie FRICKING Guillen that night!?

Mr. Hendry, please eat the rest of the contract and cut him. Cut him right now. This petulant and selfish jerk-face (because I am not allowed to use other language that I want) has hijacked this team multiple times with his temper-tantrums, fisticuffs and overall behavior during his tenure and it must end today.

There is nothing wrong with his friendship with Ozzie Guillen. It just shouldn’t have taken place that evening. And, yes, Ozzie should have thought better of it as well, but this is Carlos’ responsibility. And he clearly didn’t care what message it sent.

I find it extremely hard to believe many of the reports that the locker room was lighter and looser with the elimination of one person, but there is probably some truth to it. And if it is the case, then it speaks to how much he might have destroyed the team mentally.

This has now gone into “Milton Bradley” territory. In other words, there “ain’t” no saving this relationship. It’s over … FOR GOOD.

It says a lot that two days later, there was a verbal altercation in another team’s dugout involving someone who has been an issue before. When Evan Longoria got in B.J. Upton’s face for not hustling after a ball, the two had to be separated. However, this was reported as a good thing for the Rays because it helped Longoria stand up and become the team’s leader.

As for the Cubs, the player is suspended indefinitely, and basically $45 million was just thrown out the proverbial window. Everyone saw it coming, but it seems as if there was no way to avoid it. No one was going to trade for him unless the Cubs ate most of his salary and at that point, it makes more sense to hold on to the player. The Cubs were not going to cut him without something like this. So, it was hurry up and wait. And that is exactly what the Cubs have done for quite some time now. They just waited for him to explode and he did just that.

There is no saving this one. It’s time to admit the mistake and eat a hefty sum of money. Welcome to sports ownership, Mr. Ricketts.

Unfortunately, this just happens to be the Cubs luck. Three years ago, most, if not all, Cubs fans were in support of a new contract. Z had pitched very well and he was the anchor of the rotation. However, he is a shadow of that guy. We have all joked every year around Opening Day when we hear that Carlos “really worked on the mental part of his game,” or “Carlos is much stronger mentally this season.”


It was only just a matter of time until his selfishness and mental weakness caused a rift too big to fix. This time was June 25th, 2010. It was Carlos Zambrano’s last appearance in a Cubs’ uniform. Hopefully.

Let’s hear your thoughts below and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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