Three Years Later … What happened to Lou Piniella?

The name and the number may be the same … but the Lou Piniella that was calling the shots three years ago is not the one at the helm of the Chicago Cubs today.

On June 2, 2007 the Cubs entered play against the Braves with a 22-30 record, in the middle of a five-game losing streak. Their ace pitcher and starting catcher had just gotten into a fight the day before and the Cubs were playing bad baseball. It appeared Lou Piniella’s first summer in Chicago was going to be long and disappointing.

Some felt at the time Piniella’s reaction to Angel Pagan being called out at third was planned and some even felt it was over the top but the bottom line is the Cubs began playing better ball the next day. Mark DeRosa hit a grand slam in the first inning on that Sunday afternoon and the rest as they say is history … but that was then.

The Cubs are in a tailspin. They are not hitting and on the rare occasion they do, the pitching staff has a hard time keeping the opposition off the board. Piniella has no answers for his team’s struggles. By no means is this a call for Mount Lou to erupt but it would be nice to see a little heart and dare I say, fire, out of the players on the field.

While many did not expect greatness this season, no one expected the Cubs to play the way they have over the first 53 games.

On second thought, maybe it is time for Mount Lou to erupt … or maybe it is just time for a change.

Quote of the Day

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