The Cubs Walk … A Staggering Swagger or a Swaggering Stagger?

Trust me, the headline confused me as well. It took awhile before I realized it was exactly what I meant to say.

It’s Tuesday and that means I am going to ramble, but I am having a hard time figuring out the baseball team that resides on the North Side of Chicago. Are they bad? Are they good? Or are they simply mediocre? One example shows the Cubs losing five out of six to the Pirates. Another one shows them winning three out of five from two first-place teams on the road. (And they could’ve/should’ve won all five)

Every time I think I am ready to turn my back on the 2010 season, the Cubs pull me back in like the misguided and trusting fan of 30 years that I have become. There are no two ways about it. I will keep watching. I will keep cheering. And I will keep hoping. So, with that said, lets ramble.

  • Swagger, stagger, fast, slow … none describe Marlon Byrd. I wish I had a word. A word to describe Mr. Byrd. His effort, hustle and demeanor are so refreshing to see in a big-league player. I cannot say this enough.
  • Come June 3rd, I am done with D. Lee and Aramis Ramirez. Why June 3rd? June 3rd 2007 was the day the Cubs turned that season around. The day after Mount Lou erupted. So, that is why I choose June 3rd. Come June 3rd, it is time to shake it up.
  • Did you see that while attempting a comeback, everyone’s favorite ex-Cub Mark Prior was hit in the arm with a batted ball. There are sooooooo many lines here. I am just not sure, but I can tell you, he wasn’t “Just Ducky” after that. Man, that line never gets old!
  • Carlos Silva is 6-0. Carlos Silva is 6-0. Carlos Silva is 6-0. Carlos Silva is 6-0. Has it sunk in yet? Carlos Silva is 6-0. Carlos Silva is 6-0. How about now?

See, right there, three out of four bullet points. Silva has swagger, D. Lee and Aram are staggering, Byrd is hustling, and … okay I will leave it alone. Sorry for the tangent, back to multiple tangents.

  • Soto’s early-season swagger has turned into a stumbling stagger as of late. His average is plummeting and he hasn’t hit a homerun since, well, it’s been a darn long time.
  • Starlin has speed. Starlin has style. Starlin has swagger.
  • Starlin also has more RBI than Geovany Soto. And that is staggering.
  • Tom Gorzelanny’s ERA’s is almost a half-point better than Carlos Silva, but he is 2-4. Amazing how baseball works, huh?
  • So who is going to the bullpen? The aforementioned Gorzelanny? Or will it be somebody who has been there and back before? Paging Mr. Dempster. You still haven’t picked up that darn white courtesy phone. If you don’t very soon, the next phone you will be answering is the one in the bullpen.
  • Is it legal to put a batter in the batter’s box in the bullpen while Marmol is warming up? There has to be a better way to get him ready. Watching him walk or hit the first batter he faces is getting old and is going to get problematic very soon.
  • Mike Fontenot is making is rather difficult to keep him out of the lineup. Amazing what happens when you have viable competition for a starting position.
  • Maybe Fontenot should be starting at third base pretty soon. Could that help someone else find his swagger.
  • Now if only there was someone to push Derrek Lee at first base. Oh wait, he started on the team, but is in Triple-A right now.
  • Oh, and Chad Tracy is batting .500 so I think he is ready for the promotion. I think Chad Tracy might have found his … wait for it … swagger.
  • Sean Marshall has kept his team afloat. They are only five games back and he has shown the poise and persistence to keep doing it again and again.

Lou brought the word swagger to everyone’s attention when he arrived in Chicago three and a half years ago. Two months into his tenure, it was not readily visible. Two months into the 2010 campaign, it is hard to detect as well. This team does not have very much longer to form its identity and decide what will happen over the next fours months.

It has been a tough seven weeks, but this manager, this staff and many of these players turned a terrible stagger into a wonder swagger not long ago. Here’s hoping they can accomplish that feat once again.

And here’s hoping I don’t accidentally say swagger and/or stagger 97 times today.

Feel free to use the new comment system below. Please keep the dialogue refreshing and until time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!!

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt