Rambling on the Cubs … While Betting on the Pirates to Win It All

I chose not to go to Wrigley Field last weekend. Instead, I chose to go southern Wisconsin and play golf. It is not even June, and I am a totally defeated, devastated and destroyed Cubs fan.

Also, I had a great weekend.

Much like last week, today’s installment of ramblings will not be pretty. Words can’t even describe what is going on with this team.

Calling the Cubs abysmal is an insult to the word. Nothing can be that bad can it? Oh wait, the Cubs are. Whenever someone asks what is worse than abysmal, you can now triumphantly say, “The Cubs!”

I could play this word game for a while, but instead I will start rambling while envisioning Andrew McCutchen leading the Pirates to the World Series.

  • Paging Mr. Ryan Dempster. Would Mr. Dempster please pick up the white courtesy phone?
  • Carlos Silva is the best starting pitcher on the Cubs …. WOW, that just happened. That’s reality. I can’t believe I am able to write that. I can’t believe I actually just wrote that.
  • I don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes in regards to the A-Ram/Jaramillo issue. Maybe it exists. Maybe it doesn’t. I know one great way to make it go away, Aramis. START DOING SOMETHING.
  • I keep staring at Alfonso Soriano’s stats, and I just cannot fathom them. This is simply unreal. What if this means his home-run bunches will come around more often!?!?
  • Mr. Theodore Roosevelt Lilly, please be prepared to pick up the white-courtesy phone after Mr. Dempster is finished.
  • This stat really sums it up for me: Aramis has 5 doubles. Marlon Byrd has 16 doubles. Un friggin’ believable.
  • Who else is waiting for Fukudome to fall off the map any day now? It is May 18th. It’s got to happen, right?
  • At his current rate, Soto will hit .300 with 17 HR’s and almost 50 RBI’s. While the RBI number is a bit low, I think every single Cubs fan would have taken this numbers if offered during Spring Training.
  • Remember when playing the Pirates was fun and easy? Remember when the Cubs used to always beat the Pirates? When was that, exactly?
  • As Neil has said, and many others as well, where did Tyler Colvin go? Is there something in his contract where he is not allowed to start games in May? Seriously. Let’s mix it up a little.
  • Granted, ‘Fonz, Byrd and Fuk are all hitting above .300, but it is not translating into wins or runs. Heck, it is hard to figure out what is going on from an offensive standpoint, but this offense is truly offensive.
  • My favorite Starlin Castro stat: 5 bases on balls, 2 strikeouts. If that keeps up, he will put himself in a great position to succeed … repeatedly.
  • Just ask Geo Soto. He has walked 26 times while fanning only 21. This is a direct cause to his mini-resurgence thus far in 2010.
  • Is Koyie Hill still on this team? Oh yeah, he made an appearance last night.
  • How much longer can Lou really keep his calm? He is going to have to explode very soon. This has got to be gnawing at him. Especially given the hot air that he is going to or should be fired.
  • Also, I do not mean to offend anyone, but what is firing Lou going to accomplish. This team has had some great success with him at the helm. Is Alan Trammell all of a sudden going to get the guys to start hitting in a timely fashion? Remember, even though Jim Tracy saved the Rockies last year, he had been fired from a manager more than once in the past. You just never know. I doubt a change is going to do it.
  • Wow. That was a long ramble. Some might even describe it as a paragraph. Sorry for that one.
  • This team just really gets on my nerves and chaps my ……..
  • 17-22 is ugly. It’s not pretty. But, by no means is it over. Those who think it is … stopping hating. If you don’t want to watch, then so be it. But don’t tell me it’s over.
  • Clarification: I am only saying it’s not over. I am saying nothing more than that. Please do not infer anything from the above bullet other than what I clearly stated.

Thank you, all, CCO Faithful.

Go Cubs, enjoy your respective days and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein