Dempster’s Deferred Money and Xavier Nady

According to tweets from Ken Rosenthal, Ryan Dempster deferred $3 million of his 2010 salary to help the Cubs with payroll flexibility. According to Rosenthal, Dempster deferred the money at little to no interest.

Bruce Levine reported that the Cubs used the $3 million Dempster deferred to sign Xavier Nady in the off-season … a move that would have not been possible without Dempster’s offer. Ken Rosenthal corrected his report from Friday afternoon later in the evening and confirmed the report from Bruce Levine.

Dempster approached the Cubs during the convention in January and asked what he could do to help. According to Bruce Levine, Dempster will receive his money over the next two years …

According to Rosenthal, he $3 million will be paid to Dempster in three equal installments … $1 million by February of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Rosenthal reported the rest of Dempster’s contract stays the same.

Ryan Dempster was scheduled to make $12.5 million this season ($13.5 million in 2011 and $14 million in 2012 … 2012 is a player option).

Will update if additional information becomes available …

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