Rambling while despising this bullpen

The first two weeks of baseball has taught Cubs fans one thing: bullpens are, um, kind of important. The offense has failed to push a lot of runs across the plate, but the bullpen has given away at least four victories. The starting pitching has been solid, Carlos Silva has been a pleasant surprise and runs have been scored. However, Cubs fans are lamenting what could be a very long season.

Granted, only 13 of 162 games have been played, but the first two weeks have me ranting, raving and of course, rambling.

  • Ryan Dempster should be 3-0. He’s pitched like a legitimate ace, but doesn’t have the wins to prove it. Yes, I know it has only been three starts, but if he keeps it up, he should be playing in the All-Star game.
  • Losing two games to the Astros was absolutely infuriating. Inexcusable. Awful. Abysmal. Pathetic. I could go on for a while.
  • Hard to believe that Starlin Castro won’t be in ‘The Show’ by late-May. He is raking and the Cubs need a spark. Lineup flip-flops work sometimes, but an infusion of young talent could prove to be something this team desperately needs.
  • I don’t even know where to start when it comes to Soriano. This was mentioned on the last CCO Radio, but Soriano is a nervous as an 8-year-old when a fly ball comes his way. You can almost see his initial panic from the stands. (I know you can’t see panic from the stands that clearly, but trust me, nerves have to play a role in his horrid defense.)
  • Fukudome has been hitting the ball well. Wait, what did you say? You want me to look at his stats the last two Aprils? Oh, has he done this sort of thing before? You mean, you have no confidence in him and his production will noticeably drop in the next few months? Yee of little faith!
  • Could Mark Prior be a set-up man?
  • I read somewhere that Hendry would gladly trade prospects for Heath Bell. Um … please be realistic about the future of the 2010 Cubs before doing anything because …
  • You might be trading FOR prospects instead of trading AWAY prospects come July.
  • In fact, this team could look extremely different come August 1st … no Derrek Lee, no Aramis Ramirez, no Ted Lilly … yes, I know about no-trade clauses, but those get worked around quite often at the trade deadline.
  • It would be very weird to see an infield that didn’t include Derrek Lee or Aramis Ramirez … or both. However, that could be the best thing for the future of this team.
  • There are tough decisions to be made in baseball and trading away the cornerstones of your team is not easy. I know the marketing says this is “Year 1,” but more realistically, it might be … next year.
  • Sorry, I had to say it. I hate it as well, but it might just be “next year.”
  • Just when I thought I had confidence in Carlos Marmol ……….
  • I like the current version of MB much better, than last years’, but he has got to pick up that average.
  • Will Vegas start putting an over/under on the number of innings Soriano plays every game? I mean seriously, will he ever see the 8th inning? (Credit for this goes to a friend who posed the same question during Sunday’s game.)
  • As of Sunday night, the five men hitting above .300 on the team were … wait for it … Fontenot, Baker, Soto, Fukudome and Koyie Hill. WOW. Speechless. If this doesn’t change, it is going to be an even longer year than I already think it will be.
  • It is really early to say something like I’m about to say, but it must be said. If the Cubs don’t play well over the next two weeks against the Mets, Brewers, Nationals and Diamondbacks, only the Nats have a record above .500, it might be time to start exploring the farms systems in Detroit, Minnesota, New York and Tampa Bay
  • The Cubs introduced bison meat to their menu this season. Bison dogs and Bison burgers. Yep, I am cool with the ‘ole Hebrew National. No reason to get crazy or anything. Someone, please tell me if I am wrong about this.
  • Another entry from “Sentences I never thought I would write:” I really miss Michael Wuertz.
  • Credit this to another friend of mine and I couldn’t agree more. If I hear anyone mention that the hitting will heat up once the weather warms up, I am going to be sick.
  • Seriously, Mark Prior? Bullpen? Why not?
  • And NO … I am not being serious about Prior.

There you have it. I have many more thoughts, but I have already taken up enough your time today. Please feel free to include your thoughts below. I know everyone doesn’t agree with me so let’s have some fun banter before another night game in Citi Field.

Take care and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon