Predicting the Cubs in Twenty-Ten

It’s the first Friday in April and that can mean only one thing … it is time for the annual prediction contest on the CCO. So dust off your copy of Gray’s Sports Almanac, Vol. 2 and let’s have a little fun just three days before Lou Piniella’s crew opens the Twenty-Ten season in Atlanta.

Most are picking the Cubs to finish behind the St. Louis Cardinals in the NL Central, out of the playoffs for the second season in row. Baseball is not played on paper, just ask Larry Bowa. If it were, the Chicago Cubs would have reached their ultimate goal several times over the past decade.

But what does the Faithful think? While the Cubs spend the last two days of the exhibition season in Phoenix, let’s make predictions for the upcoming season …

The Cubs are coming off a disappointing 2009 campaign and will begin the season with as many questions as answers. The Opening Day roster will feature 13 players that were not with the team last year in Houston … as well as a brand new, very young bullpen. Only Carlos Marmol was in Piniella’s pen on Opening Day against the Astros.

The Cubs are depending on several veterans to “rebound” from sub-par performances last season. Lou Piniella has pointed to the fact his team won 83 games a year ago while dealing with one injury after the other … plus other issues that has been discussed ad nauseam.

Could the Cubs prove the critics wrong and regain the top spot in the NL Central?

So here’s the contest. Correctly predict the Cubs win-loss record for 2010. The winner will receive something via the mail that has been deemed cool by the CCO … not to mention the title of the “Coolest Commenter on the CCO for 2010.”

Predictions can be made up to the first pitch on Monday afternoon but the time stamp on your comment must be before 3:10pm CDT on April 5, 2010.

Now here’s the twist and tie breakers:

There will be only one winner this season. If there is not a correct prediction made, there will not be a winner. No overs or unders this year, the winner must correctly predict the Cubs record … the only exception would be if the Cubs do not play 162 games, which has happened the past two seasons. If the Cubs play less than 162 games, then a +/- equation will be taken into account based on the amount of games actually played.

  • First tiebreaker – The amount of runs scored by the Chicago Cubs
  • Second tiebreaker – The amount of home runs for Alfonso Soriano
  • Third tiebreaker – The amount of wins for Ryan Dempster
  • Fourth tiebreaker – The amount of saves for Carlos Marmol

Please, only one prediction per reader.

Let’s have a healthy debate. State a case for your prediction … plus, if you don’t make a prediction you can still place your vote in the CCO poll on the right side bar on the amount of wins for the Cubs in Twenty-Ten.

Have fun, after all isn’t that what baseball is supposed to be … FUN! The winner will be announced in November.

And remember, Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Opening Day is in THREE DAYS!

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein
  • Mike M

    W-L 91-71
    Runs Scored 744
    Soriano HR- 33
    Ryan Dempster Wins 20
    Carlos Marmol Saves 47