The First Sign of Cubs Spring Training

Pitchers and catchers do not officially report to Fitch Park until Wednesday, but several of the players are already in camp … and in Carlos Zambrano’s case, in the batting cage.

John Grabow, Randy Wells, Sean Marshall, Tyler Colvin, Tom Gorzelanny, Sam Fuld, a host of minor leaguers and of course, Carlos Zambrano are among those that have made their way to Mesa a little early.

Tim Sheridan, Cubs’ Spring Training P.A. Announcer, maintains the blog Boys of Spring. Sheridan posted the first photos of the spring on Thursday … with a few observations.

From Boys of Spring:

My Notes from today: Big Z looks to be in the best shape I’ve ever seen coming into camp. Tyler Colvin is noticeably larger and added some muscle, I’m guessing at least 10 lbs, but I’ll ask him. Z was taking some early BP and as usual was crushing the ball; I swear he could have made the Babe Ruthian change from pitcher to position player if he started a few years back. After the early rounds of BP Tyler Colvin and Sean Marshall took a break and tossed the pigskin around…lingering after effects of the recent Super Bowl no doubt. The Cubs players are working without coaches this week but strength and conditioning coordinator Tim Buss is overseeing and keeping the guys in line…or maybe they’re keeping Bussy in line, not sure which.

Photo from Boys of Spring

Click Here for Tim’s full report that includes photos from Fitch Park

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