Theriot Ready to Go in Twenty-Ten

Ryan Theriot reported to Fitch Park on Saturday, a day after his arbitration hearing in St. Petersburg, Fla. Theriot told the media that the arbitration process would not affect his relationship with Jim Hendry and the Cubs.

Theriot was asked about Starlin Castro. Theriot was quick to point out “he’s ready to continue playing shortstop for the Cubs, even though he knows the young middle infielder Starlin Castro is the wave of the future.”

Ryan Theriot said he would help Starlin Castro any way he could but stated, “It’s my position, I’ve been playing there for three years. I expect to continue to play there.”

Theriot told Dave Kaplan, during ‘The Ryan Theriot Show‘ last week, that he is “coming into camp with something to prove.” Theriot worked really hard over the winter. He took a different approach to his off-season workouts and feels stronger than he’s ever been.

Several reports over the winter indicated that Ryan Theriot would move to second base in order to make room for Starlin Castro but Theriot is not going to just hand him the job.

Theriot told the Tribune, “As of now I am the shortstop, and I have been there for three years. I’ve done a good job. He’s going to have to come get it.”

According to the report on ESPN Chicago, Theriot found the arbitration process “interesting” and described it as “educational.”

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Quote of the Day

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