Rambling with a Month to go before Spring Training …

The 25th annual Cubs Convention was a huge success and Lou says this team can be 10-wins better than last year. I have thoughts and feelings. Some make sense, some don’t, but if you watch MTV’s smash hit “Jersey Shore,” more will make sense.

Without further ado …

  • Lou needs to be reminded that we do not refer to women as “sweetheart” in public anymore. Lou, this is not “Mad Men.” We don’t drink “Old Fashioned’s” in the morning anymore, either.
  • Someone, PLEASE, get Jim Hendry a friggin’ comb. Come on man, you are the General Manager of a Major League baseball team. You can at least make an effort or make it appear like you made an effort.
  • During the “Meet the Cubs Baseball Management Session” with Piniella, Hendry and Randy Bush, I think I heard Bush say, “Um, why am I sitting up here.”
  • Someone needs to record Dempster’s Harry Caray impression and put it on You Tube. It would be an instant hit.
  • For years I have been saying the Cubs have not produced a good everyday player since Mark Grace. We discussed the fact that Geovany Soto could be that player. Well, it’s time to give someone else their due propers. Ryan Theriot is a good everyday player.
  • Speaking of Soto, my word, holy cow, WOW. He is thin. Not like he lost weight, the dude is actually THIN.
  • There is a Jenny Craig, Kirstie Alley, Valerie Bertinelli, Geovany Soto, Carlos Zambrano joke somewhere. I just haven’t found it yet!
  • That joke MUST have something to do with Eddie Van Halen. HELP! Post your thoughts on this below.
  • Now, your 2011 Chicago Cubs featuring manager Ryne Sandberg and General Manager Greg Maddux! Holy 1990.
  • Throw in the Hawk as the hitting coach and Gracie as the bench coach and Cubs fans heads will spin for days.
  • I read where Larry Rothschild has some thoughts on how to fix Zambrano, but he won’t share them with the public. If it fails, do you think he will share his failed tactics with the public?
  • Honestly (yes, I want to be sure you realize I am being honest here), I would prefer Jon Garland to Ben Sheets.
  • I have seen the “injury-riddled pitchers thing” for way too long on the North Side. Garland will throw 200 innings and probably do a darn decent job.
  • Either Samardzija or Cashner should be the 5th starter. It is time to start giving the draft picks their respective opportunity.
  • Hendry went out of his way to explain that you can’t always sign FA’s to fill voids when you have guys who are trying to earn their way. Okay, Jim, if that is the case let the Shark start.
  • Sign Jermaine Dye and sign him NOW! And if they do, I have a hard time seeing him as a backup or 4th outfielder. He would be a great insurance policy for Marlon Byrd. This would be a good move by Hendry. I know he is older and had a rough second half, but he can hit.
  • I really hope the cast of “Jersey Shore” is invited to Wrigley to sing the 7th-inning stretch. And I don’t want to hear them sing, but I do want to see how they take down Clark Street after the game. This could be legendary!
  • I mean, absolutely, no two ways about it, ridiculously LEGENDARY!
  • Sorry, I will get back to baseball …
  • Unless the Cubs get a great deal of luck in the health department, I do not see a 10-game improvement from this team. And when they win the division, I will forget I wrote this and say, “I called it!”

Well, that is it for now. I am cannot wait for Spring Training. Bring it on. Stay tuned to the CCO for a new CCO radio show coming soon and post your comments below on that Jenny Craig, Geo Soto, Kirstie Alley, etc. joke. I want to hear them!

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne