Another Take on the Cubs Top Prospects

Fangraphs released their list of the top prospects in the Cubs system during the Winter Meetings. The Cubs system has made several steps in the right direction over the last year. Players such as Andrew Cashner, Starlin Castro, Jay Jackson and Josh Vitters had solid seasons while Casey Coleman turned a lot of heads and earned considerable praise from his Hall of Fame manager … Ryne Sandberg recently compared Coleman to Greg Maddux.

Starlin Castro was named to the top spot in the Cubs’ organization by Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus is expected to keep Josh Vitters at the top of the organizational chart. Fangraphs thinks Andrew Cashner is the best prospect in the Cubs organization.

Fangraphs did not include 2009 draft picks, which excludes Brett Jackson from the list (Jackson is the Cubs’ second best prospect according to Baseball America).

From Fangraphs

“There is definitely some excitement starting to build in the system. There are interesting names at the top of the list, as well as some sleepers sprinkled throughout the system, many of whom did not fit in the Top 10, which is a very nice thing to see for the Cubs. The organization certainly has a lot of depth in the middle infielder, but many of the arms are unproven and, in some cases, rather brittle.”

Fangraphs Top 10 Cubs Prospects of 2010

  1. Andrew Cashner – RHP
  2. Starlin Castro – SS
  3. Josh Vitters – 3B
  4. Hak-Ju Lee – SS
  5. Jay Jackson – RHP
  6. Chris Carpenter – RHP
  7. Ryan Flaherty – INF
  8. Dae-Eun Rhee – RHP
  9. Logan Watkins – 2B
  10. John Gaub – LHP

Many feel Andrew Cashner will make his big league debut at some point in the 2010 season … but no one is sure if it will be as a starter or a reliever.

“Cashner has been a huge find for the organization. Mainly a reliever in college, the right-hander has proven his durability (and repertoire) as a starter. His 1.50 ERA in high-A certainly looks shiny, but his FIP was 3.18 (still good, just not great). At that level, Cashner allowed just 31 hits in 42.0 innings, while showing average control with a walk rate of 3.21 BB/9. His strikeout rate was respectable at 7.29 K/9. He then moved up to double-A, where he allowed 45 hits in 58.1 innings. Cashner’s walk rate increased (4.17 BB/9) and his strikeout rate dropped (6.33 K/9). On the plus side, his ground-ball rate remained around the 47% mark, and he allowed just one home run all season. Cashner will likely begin 2010 back in double-A, with a shot at contributing in Wrigley Field in the second half of the season.”

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Baseball America’s Top 10 Cubs Prospects of 2010

  1. Starlin Castro – SS
  2. Brett Jackson – OF
  3. Josh Vitters – 3B
  4. Andrew Cashner – RHP
  5. Jay Jackson – RHP
  6. Hak-Ju Lee – SS
  7. Logan Watkins – 2B
  8. Chris Carpenter – RHP
  9. Ryan Flaherty – IF
  10. D.J. LeMahieu – SS-2B

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The Cubs’ system was recently ranked in the middle of the league … after spending 2008-2009 near the bottom. By comparing both lists it is easy to see a majority of the Cubs’ top talent is in the lower levels (Double-A or lower)

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