Rambling with Five Months to go until Opening Day

As Harry used to say, hello again everybody. For a multitude of reasons, I have been away from the CCO for almost three months. I apologize for missing the last few CCO Radio installments of the season and for not being around to share my witty, intelligent and groundbreaking thoughts with you. Some of you might use other adjectives to describe me, but for the sake of avoiding an argument, lets just go with what I said. Plus, you know I am right.

Some of you might look at the headline and laugh, but I am sure most of you are on the same page as me. When Robinson Cano fielded Shane Victorino’s ground ball on Wednesday night, my brain immediately closed the chapter on 2009. I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning as I ran around with my lighter looking to light the any hot stove within two miles.

As baseball season officially kicks into offseason mode and the Bridgeport Mayor Daley’s strike first with the acquisition of Mark Teahan, I aim to share my random stream of consciousness with you as I ramble on down the road with 150 days, give or take a few, until Opening Day.

  • A hearty welcome to the Ricketts Family. May your reign be fruitful, fulfilling and fun. Oh, and let’s win a friggin’ World Series!
  • It is really too bad Chase Utley is not available. He would really solve our woes at second base. (Yes, starting off as Captain Obvious, here. Be patient.)
  • I don’t believe in curses, well maybe a little, but when the first offseason move is learning that Ted Lilly will start the 2010 season the DL, you give fans reasons to wonder.
  • I am setting the over/under on Carlos Zambrano’s 2010 win total at 12.
  • I know that number is really making you think. Which Z will show up in 2010? Heck, which Z will show up in June or August? Who knows? That $91 million is looking a little foolish.
  • Mr. Jaramillo, welcome to the North Side. This is not Arlington. This is Chicago. We clear? Okay. Good talk.
  • Akinori Iwamura … yep, the third offseason with Kosuke Fukudome and the third offseason attempting to find a fellow countryman for our right fielder.
  • Jeff Baker can be the 2010 edition of a poor-man’s Mark DeRosa, but this team is in need of a proven second bagger.
  • Search 2010 Free agents on Cot’s Contracts for second basemen … outside of Orlando Hudson, nothing really excites me. And he will be 32 when the season starts.
  • I love how some people are mad that the Yankees “bought” the World Series. Would the same people be mad if the “Cubs” bought the World Series?
  • Given the current state of the Cubs outfield, I cannot even begin to speculate what it will look like come April.
  • Unlike many others, I am not sold on the fact that Milton Bradley is definitely gone. I hope he is, but I will have to see it to believe it.
  • Am I the only one who is really worried about the 2012 Cubs?
  • Let’s be honest, as Cubs fans we have almost … almost gotten used to expecting a good team year in and year out, but the “win now” declaration is on its last legs.
  • 2010 is Lou’s last hurrah … I don’t know about you, but I think he has one more legendary moment left in his aging body. I am just hoping it is one of those “good-legendary” moments.
  • I am going to use a little logic here … if Matt Holliday is a major-league outfielder then I am going to assume Matt Holliday can play right field. If the Cubs need a right fielder then … Mr. Hendry … paging Mr. Hendry?
  • If you don’t like that idea, give me a better one in a comment below … and no, I do not care about the current state of the economy, I do not care how expensive he will be, nor do I care if it is not feasible. Remember … WIN NOW.
  • And by saying I do not care about the current state of the economy, I mean, when it comes to everyday people, I care a lot, but that emotion falls on deaf ears as a one who has been paying a hefty price for season tickets.
  • Baseball teams, heck all professional sports teams, have been passing along the cost to the fans forever. It is as much of a part of our country’s sporting system as the balls they use to play said sport.
  • Think about it, if you are willing to pay $6.50 for a 16-ounce Bud Light, you will still be willing to pay for a $7.00 Bud Light. Multiply that by the gazillion-billion (oh yes it is a real number) beers sold at Wrigley each year and I think signing Matt Holliday is feasible.
  • Who knows what the 2010 season will bring, all I know is that we are one day closer now than we were yesterday. Yes … I am that smart.

In the current state of the major sports, the games might cease to be played for a handful of months, but the season never really ends. The pilot light has been flicked and the stove is heating up. Like most of you, I am anxious, excited and nervous to see what will happen the next few months to mold the next edition of the Cubs. However, I can tell you this … no matter what it is, I will be raring to go on April 5th.

So, as the Holiday Season approaches, the stove heats up, the rumors start flying and the “what if’s” and the “what could be’s” reach unbelievable levels, remember one thing … next year will be here before you know it.

Feel free to leave a comment for me below and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein