A Tip of the Cap

As many of you know by now, Jim Kneisley (JimK) passed away on Thursday, October 29. Jim was just 72 years old. Jim touched many of our lives here on a daily basis in his unique way, often putting a smile on my face seemingly when I needed it the most.

We’ve lost one of the Faithful and an ardent Cubs’ fan. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Jim personally, but it’s clear that he left an amazing impression on many of us through this site. Through Jim’s writing, we learned that he accomplished many things through the years and was ultimately devoted to his wife and family. It seems to me that the world lost great man.

I ask everyone to celebrate Jim by laughing a lot and making those lives you touch better like Jim always seemed to do. As for me, one last tip of the cap to you my friend, thank you.

Links to Jim’s writings on the CCO:

Posted by Jim on Cubby-Blue.com in February 2008

Tim, I post regularly on CCO (as a versatile old timer (banker formerly for the Wrigley family and the Cubs while at First Chicago, a poet, etc.) This poem is shared for you and your friend Paul–as it has been shared for others along my way.


Why do I cry for you Paul Tilley?
I know what you did with your life.
I know that you gave your all–
Unselfishly, persistently, imperfectly,
Proudly, capably, lovingly and faithfully–
With grace, often annonymously–
Only aware that every task and everyone
Deserved the best in you and from you.
Why do I cry for you Paul Tilley?
You touched my life, my soul.
You gave me a definition of excellence.
You showed me a thousand caring ways
of exalting the ordinary encounters of life.
I cry because there is no holding back
Sweet tears of appreciation, and remembrance.
My tears reflect your shared uplifting humanity.

James O. Kneisley
Indianapolis, IN

Quote of the Day

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all." – Theodore Roosevelt