And the Winners Are … Version 2009

Before the 2009 campaign the CCO asked the Faithful to make predictions on the upcoming season. Needless to say, last year did not end up the way most thought. The Cubs finished behind the Redbirds in the central, missed the playoffs and dealt with one drama after the other for the entire summer.

The CCO asked the Faithful to correctly predict the Cubs win-loss record for the third season under Lou Piniella … and many were more than a little optimistic about the season.

NL Central Standings for 2009

  1. St. Louis Cardinals – 91-71
  2. Chicago Cubs – 83-78
  3. Milwaukee Brewers – 80-82
  4. Cincinnati Reds – 78-84
  5. Houston Astros – 74-88
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates – 62-99

Boseph predicted an 82-80 record for the Cubs; second place behind the Astros … while Ripsnorter thought the Cubs would finish with a 78-84 record in third place behind the Cardinals and Reds.

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There were three tiebreakers in the original contest but due to the sub-par season on the North Side, there will be two winners of the CCO Predictions Contest Boseph and Ripsnorter.

Other than being labeled the “Coolest Commenters on the CCO for 2009“, there are prizes from the CCO Prize Closet to be mailed out. To receive your prize, please send me an email with your shipping address. Cubs related stuff will come via the United States Post Office shortly after I receive your information.

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2009 was the second season in which the CCO ran a prediction contest and we are contemplating doing it for a third year in a row … but I would like feedback from the Faithful. If you guys would like to see another contest before the 2010 season either leave a comment or send me an email.

I would like to send out a big ‘Thank You‘ to all of the loyal readers and commenters on the CCO. The off-season has just begun and hopefully the fifth full season on the CCO will be a lot better than the fourth.

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

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