The CCO Suggestion Box for the Ricketts Family

Got something to say? It’s time to tell the Ricketts Family what you think …

With Tom Ricketts on the verge of taking over the Chicago National League Ball Club, what would you like to see the new owners of the Cubs do once they take over the team? From the players to the front office to Wrigley Field to scouting and even the guest conductors of the seventh inning stretch, every topic is open for discussion. But as always with the CCO, there is a catch …

The CCO would like to hear from all of our readers, even those that come in just to read and then leave without ever leaving a comment … we know you’re out there lurking. The Faithful’s opinion is very important, good or bad. Here’s the stipulation …

When leaving a suggestion for the Ricketts Family, state your case and back it up in any way you see fit, but please do not use profanity or just bash someone to bash someone. You could have the best suggestion for the new owners, but because you dropped an expletive it is not taken seriously or even read. Remember, you never know who might be reading your comments.

Use this as a vehicle to have your voice heard, just not another way to complain about the obvious. While it is easy to say, “dump player x and all of the money he is owed for the next however many years“, think like a businessman that is on the verge of spending $845 million … in other words, take off your ‘Fan Goggles‘.

Stay Classy Cubs Fans …. And a tip of the cap to Suzy for this suggestion.

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  • Lisa

    I don’t understand why you guys are having such a hard time with obtaining funding for keeping the building maintenance or even improvements for the ball park.

    I can think of at least 15 different fund raisers that can be done with little or no cost to the ball club. Don’t you guys realize how many dreams can be fufilled while raising money for restoration? You have a lot of history as well as celeberty and I don’t understand why you are not using that to help your cause.

    Don’t have someone working on this project of finding all the money hidden under the ivy?

    Feel free to contact me I have lots of ideas!