Mike Cameron on the Cubs Radar?

Buried in a report from the Tribune on Monday night centered on the possibility of the Player’s Union filing a grievance over the suspension of Milton Bradley, was a blurb about the Cubs’ possible interest this winter in Mike Cameron.

According to the Tribune, “the Cubs will enter the offseason trying to trade Bradley and acquire a center fielder, moving Kosuke Fukudome back to right field. Rookie Tyler Colvin will get a look in the final two weeks, but the Cubs likely will seek a veteran willing to sign a one-year deal, hoping Colvin is ready by 2011.

The Tribune added Mike Cameron “expected to be on their radar. Cameron plays solid defense and has been a clubhouse leader everywhere he has played, including under Piniella in Seattle.

Mike Cameron played for Lou Piniella in Seattle and will be a free agent this winter. Cameron hit a pair of home runs on Monday night. For the season the veteran centerfielder is hitting .255 with a .347 OBP and a .440 SLG … 30 doubles, three triples and 21 home runs.

Cameron signed a one-year deal with the Brewers prior to the 2008 season that included a club option for 2009. Cameron earned $6.25 million in 2008 (including a $1.25 million signing bonus) and $10 million in 2009.

Mike Cameron will turn 37 on January 8. The Cubs must figure out a way to get younger and more athletic in the off-season and quit trying to plug perceived holes with players at the end of their career. While the Cubs might not have a centerfielder ready to play a full big league schedule in their system, they cannot continue to get older and try to win at the same time.

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