Rambling on a Day Off

… Or Rambling from atop the National League Central. The second-half Cubs have been a different team than the fans were saddled with the first three plus months of the season, and I think it is safe to say Cubs fans everywhere are happy about that. So hopefully this rambling will be one with a positive attitude … almost.

  • Welcome to Chicago Mr. Gorzelanny, your table is ready for you at Giordano’s. “Yea, you know the spot.”
  • Bradley wasn’t given his contract to break the single-season walks record, but his presence on first base gives Soriano a leg up on the pitcher. I really believe he sees better pitches with Bradley on base.
  • Just when everyone, okay, almost everyone started getting comfortable with Kevin Gregg, he goes and does that and DOES NOT totally redeem himself. Wow, that was atrocious.
  • Kosuke is looking pretty comfortable in the leadoff position. Sometimes, you might not realize it at the time, but things work out the best way possible. Yes, I know there are two months and two years remaining on his contract, I am just saying.
  • Randy Wells should be the rookie of the year. He is 8-4 and could arguably be 11-3. He has been the best pitcher on the Cubs.
  • Should Lou still be fired? I know, there are still two months left.
  • Derrek Lee is a stud. He is the man. He is awesome, radical and gnarly. I really don’t know what other adjectives to use. They have all been uttered over the past two and a half months. He is back. Talk about silencing your critics.
  • This goes to whoever is pitching on Monday, September 14th. Be careful when Prince is at the plate or else he might find you after the game and scream through doors at you as he his held back by Ryan Braun.
  • All the analysts and pundits have said it, but that was just an absolute joke.
  • Poor Jeff Stevens does not know where he will be sleeping two days in a row. I know it is a dream job, but that cannot be easy.
  • Especially when he has earned the spot with the big club.
  • Sorry, Sharky. Stevens earned it, you have not.
  • You think you are stressed now during the ninth inning? Just wait until late September. The Cubs are clinging to a one-run lead going into the top of the ninth. They show Gregg and Marmol warming up. WHAT DO YOU DO?
  • Scream? Cry? Turn on “90210,” err, I mean “Big Brother,” wait, no, I mean “Ice Road Truckers?”
  • You get the point. Unless something drastically changes in the next 6 weeks, it is going to be a bumpy ride served with a side of piping-hot heartburn.
  • And I am the optimistic one.
  • I belabored this point on the last CCO radio show, but how did Randy Wells slip past everyone? He has never been a top-10 prospect in this organization. And as I said, it can be argued that he has been the best pitcher on this team. Just think about that.
  • I know this was discussed on Talkin’ Live a bit on Tuesday night, but it might be time to give a little love to you-know-who and his towel drill …
  • Let that debate begin.
  • In my biased opinion, Ryan Theriot is one of the most underrated players in baseball. He looks to be below average in everything, but he hits, hustles and has heart. He also needs to thank Derrek Lee for keeping his errors down.
  • Wow, almost an entire Ramblings and I have yet to mention Big Z. Pretty good lately, but overall not so much. Seven wins in 20 starts. Only SEVEN. And he only missed three starts. For his “rep,” he should have at least 11.
  • Cubs MVP: Derrek Lee.
  • Honorable mention: Randy Wells
  • Most VALUABLE Player: Aramis Ramirez

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know your thoughts on that below.

I also hope all is well with everyone in the land of the CCO. Thanks for reading and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney