Soto Tested Positive for Marijuana During WBC

According to a report from the Tribune, Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana while playing for Team Puerto Rico during the WBC. The International Baseball Federation released the news on Thursday and Soto is expected to address the situation with the media.

Geovany Soto released a statement. He said he “was embarrassed” by his lapse of judgment. He said his behavior was inappropriate and said it was an isolated incident.

Geovany Soto was banned from international play for two years but the positive test will “not have any impact on his major league availability.

The Cubs said Soto has been tested regularly and “this was the only positive test.

“Geovany assured the organization this was an isolated incident and a misstep in judgment that will not be repeated. Though surprised and disappointed, the club supports Geovany as he takes responsibility for his actions and accepts the consequences.”

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