Cubs Still Looking at Pedro?

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs are interested in Pedro Martinez because Rich Harden’s struggles have team officials nervous.” According to Levine, the Cubs have watched a couple of Martinez’s workouts in the Dominican. They realize he is a five-inning pitcher, at the most, at this stage in his career but “throwing at 83 or 84 miles an hour with his variety of off-speed pitches might get Pedro by a majority of big league hitters for a couple of months.

The Cubs are concerned about Rich Harden and his command. Harden has given up as many home runs already this season as he did a year ago. Levine reported if Harden continues to be inconsistent they might need another starter or help in the bullpen.

Pedro Martinez could be used in the bullpen according to Levine as either a setup man or a closer “if the back end of the Cubs’ staff begins to falter in the dog days of the season. Martinez is smart enough to be able to reinvent himself as a reliever and outfox hitters for one or two innings.

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Quote of the Day

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