The Return of … The Ramblings

Rambling without a clue about this Cubs team

It has been awhile since I have shared my inner-most thoughts and general stream of consciousness about the Cubs. So, here we go.

  • Pedro Martinez. Seriously? Pedro blanking Martinez
  • Yes, that is what is going to solve this team’s problems … Pedro Martinez
  • Wow
  • While I don’t like a lot of things about this team, I do like Andres Blanco playing 2B over Aaron Miles. There is no reason this should stop. Blanco is sick defensively and at .250 is blowing Miles away offensively
  • What a feeling fans get during come-from-behind victories and walk-off wins
  • Now, just imagine where this team would be without their performance last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Think about that …
  • I am praying for Ryan Dempster and his family. I wish his daughter the speediest of recoveries
  • Remember when the Twins drafted Joe Mauer over Mark Prior because they didn’t think they could sign Prior. Idiots.
  • Reed Johnson should be playing every day. I don’t care about salaries or who makes how much. That should not matter when filling out a lineup card.
  • So far, Jake Fox has done nothing worse at 3B than Mike Fontenot from a defensive standpoint … so … um … you see where I am going
  • Obviously, my feelings about Fox are not anything most people have been saying. I am just saying as well.
  • Could you imagine how many wins Randy Wells and Ted Lilly would have with an average offense? Heck, even with a slightly below-average offense. This is just a joke.
  • Again, I know. I just stated the obvious. I am sorry.
  • Sometimes, I would rather watch “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” than a Cubs game. And you know what … I am not sure what would be more laughable.
  • I wonder if Lou even hesitated when filling out the lineup card last night in Detroit as to whether or not to list Z at the DH. I would not be shocked if it went through his mind.
  • I am not saying it would have been the right move. I am just saying, I wonder.
  • Oh, and while we are talking about it. The DH is just terrible.
  • See the theme here … again, this is me being the master of the obvious. Everyone hates the DH.
  • Manny Ramirez should not be allowed rehab. That is an absolute joke. Ridiculous. It’s totally, definitely ridiculous.
  • It’s about time to start showing Derrek Lee some love. Okay, folks. If we get down on bad play, we have to acknowledge good play. And Cubs fans are very good about that.
  • Hey, Milton. Read the bullet point above. Please, just read it.
  • I am an optimist. A big one, in fact. The Fukudome experiment is nearing that point in time where a decision must be made. Great defender, good baserunner. Sounds like a good utility guy off the bench.
  • And, I just watched Captain Clutch serve up another walk-off homerun.
  • This team solves one problem, temporarily, and an old problem rears its ugly head. Aaron Heilman for closer anyone?
  • Okay, I don’t mean that. I really don’t mean that. But seriously, what can this team do?
  • Wait … can’t Dempster close?
  • And … I am spent.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] and until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

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