Ramirez to Begin Baseball Activities

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune Thursday night, Aramis Ramirez will resume baseball activities this weekend in Cincinnati. Reports earlier in the week indicated Ramirez would not resume baseball activities until the team returned home on June 12.

While it still may be more than a month before Ramirez is back in the starting lineup, at least the Cubs most productive hitter appears to be making progress.

Aramis Ramirez’s value to the Chicago Cubs might have been under estimated by most before this injury. Aramis Ramirez is arguably the best third baseman in the National League and one of the most underrated players in the game.

Stay tuned…

Quote of the Day

You can’t create magic … don’t deserve magic until you play the game properly. It shouldn’t come your way. And, it won’t come your way. But, if you play the game properly, then all of a sudden, these little things start rolling in your direction and you start expecting them to happen on a daily basis because you’ve earned it.” – Joe Maddon

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