It’s Raining….It’s Pouring – The Cubs Are Rained Out

Rainy Days of Yesteryear….What to Do?

It is raining at the park and the game between the Cubs and the Astros has been postponed until Thursday, July 30.

So does anyone remember back in the day when there was a rain delay the telecast would go to another form of….well baseball? Whether it was This Week in Baseball with Mel Allen, not that TWIB thing they have now or old reruns of “Home Run Derby” that was actually shot at Wrigley Field (West). Nowadays it is some variety of sitcom rerun from the 80’s or early 90’s. Give me the classic baseball footage any day….not some Fresh Prince of somewhere in Cali.

So with the rain, I thought we could honor Harry Caray and play a “Remember When Name Game”….

Harry always had a “way” with names; does anyone remember Sixto Lezcano? So how many names from yesteryear can you guys throw out and no cheating….I know you are at your computer and if you spell Greg Luzinski right….well you might have cheated. Who are some of those great names that we grew up with? It does not have to remain in a certain decade and they do not have to have played for the Cubs.

Ten points to the person with the best name from yesteryear….and Kent Tekulve does not count.

Quote of the Day

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth