Decisions Looming for Jim Hendry

The Cubs Opening Day roster will be finalized later today. All but two spots are filled and Jim Hendry and Randy Bush have until 2:00pm C.T. to decide on the futures of Chad Gaudin, Angel Guzman and David Patton.

Jim Hendry joined Bruce Levine on Talkin’ Baseball and discussed a variety of topics before Saturday’s game against the Yankees…

Bruce Levine started the segment by asking Jim Hendry if he is ready for Opening Day. Hendry chuckled and said not quite. He said they have a couple of tough decisions to make before 2:00pm C.T. Sunday…the deadline for setting the 25-man roster.

Hendry explained that he had a meeting with Randy Bush on Saturday morning to discuss their options. He added that they cannot fit everyone on the roster and if they make a mistake that hopefully it will stay within the organization.

The Cubs are not taking the decisions they have to make on David Patton and Angel Guzman lightly. They have been very impressed by David Patton. Hendry credited his scouts and said he was curious as to how he would handle pitching in a park with a second deck.

As for Angel Guzman, they have a lot invested in him.

Hendry explained that Chad Gaudin pitched well for the Cubs last year and that the veteran is having a rough spring.

Jim Hendry might have tipped his cap with Jeff Samardzija. In regards to Samardzija he said, “Down the road he will be a great one for us.” Hendry did not say, but it seems Samardzija will begin the year in Iowa’s rotation.

The Cubs have received calls from other teams concerning the pitchers that may be available. Hendry did not mention any specifics.

Stay Tuned…

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