From the CCO Inbox – 4/14/09

From time to time during the season the CCO will empty out the ole Microsoft Outlook and pass along information we’ve received via electronic mail…and other stuff we deem cool and noteworthy.

So without further ado on the Cubs second off day of the regular season. Here’s the latest from the CCO inbox…

A Poem from the Faithful for the Faithful

While Jim Kneisley’s poem was technically a comment, it was buried in Sunday’s game preview…

The Cubs Begin Anew in April

They’re seeking form–our Boys in Blue…
Finding out what they can do,
Consistently, that is, with sufficient skill,
To more oft than not invoke their will.

Oh, some will falter and others rise…
There will be heroics and demise.
May the Blue be pleased they give their best,
And leave to fate all of the rest.

Accounting comes when the season’s done…
And all of us hope–‘neath an October sun.
Yes, first of thirty is a daunting task…
But that and the rings are what we ask.

Jim Kneisley
April 2009

Tom Ricketts Article

Digital Sports Daily sent the CCO a link on a article focused on the Cubs’ future owner Tom Ricketts. Here is a snippet:

“Cubs fans has your Messiah come? No, not Milton Bradley, The Rickett Family-who will be the new owners of the Cubs after the quarterly MLB owners meeting in May. The Rickett famlily spent $900 million dollars for the Cubs, Wrigley field and 25% interest in a regional sports network. Tom Ricketts, the “point man” for the Cubs deal said the goal was to “…win a World Series and build the consistent championship tradition that the fans deserve.”

Click here for the full article

Captain Morgan Club

A reminder that Wrigleyville has a new Captian

Additions to the Cubs Blogosphere

The ever-growing Cubs Blogosphere has grown by three in recent weeks. If you have a chance, go take a look…but don’t forget to tell them the CCO sent you.

Chad Gaudin

Maybe the fine folks at The Sports Hernia Blog figured out what really happened to Chad Gaudin

Just Good Stuff

CCO Site News

First, what would the latest from the CCO inbox be without a lot of self-promotion? And here it goes…

The CCO was named one of the Top 10 places on the net for Cubs info…and they liked the radio show too.

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The CCO has partnered with the Tennessee Smokies and will have an advertisement in all of their home programs this season. Once we receive our copy we will post the image. And speaking of the Cubs’ minor league system, updates from the farm will return soon.

CCO Radio

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Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points." – Knute Rockne