Could Peavy and Alderson be on the Horizon?

The Cubs have not re-opened talks with the Padres for Jake Peavy but might once the sale of the team is finalized. According to a report from the Tribune the two sides have not discussed Peavy since the end of the Winter Meetings but after facing the Cubs on Sunday in Peoria “he still sounded like a man who’d readily leave paradise for Wrigley Field.

The Peavy rumors will not “die a natural death because the Padres still can’t afford to keep his $63 million contract” according to the Tribune. The other little tidbit from Paul Sullivan is that Sandy Alderson, the Padres Chief Executive Officer, “may be in line for a similar role with the Cubs once Tom Ricketts takes control of the team.

Sandy Alderson declined to comment according to the Tribune when asked about the rumor of coming to Chicago once the sale of the team to the Ricketts Family is completed.

Multiple reports over the winter stated Sandy Alderson would step down from his post with the Padres once their sale is completed.

Peavy was very open about his views on the Cubs.

From the Tribune:

“Obviously, Chicago was a team that I did have an interest in playing for, and I respect [general manager] Jim Hendry and the organization,” he said. “I respect a lot of the players they have and feel like they have a good bunch, and obviously [it’s] a great city. [Those] were reasons I identified the Cubs as a team I wanted to be a part of if I had to move on from San Diego.”

“Other than doing that, I just let the guys making the decisions make them. I have no idea [what will happen]. I know I’m here and I have to prepare like I’m a San Diego Padre.”

Stay Tuned….

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