Rambling while dreaming of Opening Day

The Cubs are three weeks into the longest Spring Training in recent memory and I have a lot of thoughts. Some you may agree with, some you may not and some you may not even understand. Sorry about that in advance.

  • It doesn’t seem as if Carlos lost weight this off-season. He always loses weight. Weird.
  • Little Babe Ruth is tearing it up this spring. He is making it awful hard on Lou not to put him in the starting lineup. He could be a great fit in the 2-hole.
  • And speaking of LSU baseball players, The Riot is feasting this spring. He is hitting .476 as of Monday night.
  • I really like “bring the Power, the Hoffpauir.” But at the same time, not calling him “The Hoff” is tough. Or we could go with both. What do you guys think? I know what Shaun thinks.
  • The battle for the 5th starting spot is enticing. Marshall has been impressive and it might not even be a battle much longer. Heilman is hanging in there nicely.
  • Unfortunately, the Shark has not been as impressive. Unless he is working on a certain pitch or something to that effect, he does not look poised to win this battle. He will be a starting pitcher soon, but maybe not at the beginning of this season.
  • I am intrigued by Joey Gaithright. Very intrigued. If he could hit .300, what an addition he could be. I know, not likely.
  • However, if someone kept Reed Johnson on the bench consistently, he would have to be quite the player.
  • I read where someone thinks the Reds have the most impressive rotation in the NL Central. That scares me a bit. The Reds start hot a lot and have a lot of young talent. Pay attention to them.
  • I know, I know, I know who their manager is …
  • So Taguchi is almost 40. Really? I found that out from my mom. Weird.
  • I am not concerned about any single performance or the overall team performance thus far in Spring Training. Ask me again in two weeks.
  • Would the Cubs actually carry three catchers? Even though he has played better, I just can’t see the Cubs keeping Koyie Hill over Paul Bako. I just can’t see that happening.
  • Jason Dubois meet Crash Davis. Crash Davis, Jason Dubois.
  • A couple of good performances thus far. Jake Fox might not break camp with the big league club, but he will be one of the first to get called up during the season. Very impressive numbers to date.
  • I have enjoyed the World Baseball Classic. I wasn’t looking forward to it nor did I expect to be entertained by it, but I have been pleasantly surprised. There is nothing quite like playing for your country.
  • Speaking of an event … I am very excited for the NCAA tournament. There is nothing like it in all of sports. Watching these teams from small conferences celebrate after winning the conference tournament is one reason I love sports.
  • Friday Night Lights is the best show on television.
  • Everything that comes out of Lou’s mouth makes it seem as if Alfonso is leading off, Lee is hitting third, Bradley fourth, and Ramirez fifth.
  • I wonder how long that will last. Lou definitely knows more than I do about baseball. However, seniority should not play a role in filling out the lineup card. I think D. Lee is bigger than that.
  • I really miss Mark DeRosa. I have tried not be a ‘hater’ of Chicago’s other baseball team, but I am really going to enjoy rooting for the Indians this year.
  • Soriano has four hits … two homers. No, I am not worried at this point. Not worried at all.
  • It is time for Angel Guzman to stand up and perform. If he is going to be part of this team, he has to become something close to the pitcher many thought he was.
  • With their proclivity to injury, I see “The Hoff” being instrumental this year while subbing for Soriano and Bradley.
  • Redeem yourself, Kosuke. Redeem yourself!

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Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon