Vizcaino the Odd Man Out?

According to a report from the Tribune, Luis Vizcaino appears to be the one in most danger of losing a spot” in the Cubs’ bullpen. Lou Piniella told the mainstream media on Monday that it is possible that one of the “locks” in the Cubs pen could pitch “themselves out of a spot.” Piniella “did not name any names” but the Tribune thinks Vizcaino’s roster spot is in jeopardy.

Piniella’s quote from the Tribune, “We’re going to take the pitchers that are pitching the best here. I think it’s probably going to be harder to earn a spot, and easier to lose it.

The Tribune mentioned the Cubs could explore a trade with the A’s for Bobby Crosby if they included a prospect in a deal for Vizcaino.

Paul Sullivan reported it would be very hard for the Cubs to trade Luis Vizcaino due to his contract. Vizcaino is owed $3.5 million this year with a $500,000 buyout on a $4 million club option for 2010.

Bobby Crosby will make $5.25 million this year and is looking for a new team after the A’s signed Orlando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra. Crosby reportedly wants a starting job.

If Vizcaino is traded it could open a spot in the bullpen for Jeff Samardzija and if he makes the team, Samardzija and Jason Waddell could be battling it out for the final spot in Piniella’s pen according to the Tribune.

Stay tuned….

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