CCO Updates and From the Inbox

With Spring Training in full swing and the regular season less than a month away, this seemed like an appropriate time to do a little housecleaning.

There are several changes that have taken place with the CCO over the last five months and more additions on the horizon. Here’s some news you can use concerning the CCO and information we have been asked to pass along to the Faithful….

CCO Site News

The CCO Radio

For those that missed the announcement last week, the CCO Radio is backbut with a twist. The one-hour podcast is now a talk show that readers can call into and listen to live, via Blog Talk Radio.

Our next show is Wednesday, March 11 at 7:00pm C.T. We think we have worked out several of the technical issues, mainly Brian’s connection so the sound should be a lot better.

For those interested in listening to the first show, there is a player on the right side of the main page of the site.

If you have any topics you would like discussed feel free to email them to [email protected] before 9:00pm on Tuesday night.

Other CCO News

  • The CCO has added Twitter Feed to the site. If you want the latest headlines from the CCO, make sure to sign up with the CCO Twitter on the right side of the site toward the bottom of the main page.
  • Just a reminder that if you do not have an account and would like to either post your thoughts in our Community Blog or have your comments appear on the site without delay, sign-up for a CCO account. We do not email you anything, and pretty much leave you alone. All it takes is a valid email address and a little time.
  • The CCO will be contributing to a Cubs Prospects Poll run by the guys at Bleacher Nation and Cubs Brickyard. The first poll is due next week and will feature many of the other Cubs bloggers’ on the net.
  • The CCO will be announcing a very cool partnership in the coming weeks…so stay tuned.

From the Inbox

The CCO receives email from time to time asking us to pass on info to our readers. So without further ado…

  • Wrigley Expansion is proposing their ideas on how to best utilize the land west of Wrigley Field. Here is a link to an artist rendering and their site:
  • is asking for votes on the ‘hottest fans in MLB‘. So if you have a chance and would like to vote:
  • is a network of sports bloggers that the CCO is linked to. For more opinions on every sports topic there is, check out:
  • Emerging Pictures recently released WOOLIFE on DVD, a film about Ronnie “Woo-Woo” Wickers. For those interested:

The CCO is working constantly on improvements to the site and we welcome feedback from our readers on changes and additions they would like to see made…or information you would like to pass onto the Faithful…you can reach the CCO by emailing [email protected]

After setting readership records all winter, the CCO is off to its best start for the month of March….and we could not do it with out all of you. A big tip of the hat to all of the regular readers, and the casual ones as well.

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon