Kerry Wood’s Goodbye to the Faithful

Last weekend, appropriately on the final day of the Cubs Convention, Kerry Wood said his farewell to Chicago and the fans of the Chicago Cubs with full-page ads in both the Sun-Times and Tribune.

“It has been an honor to have been a Chicago Cub for the last 13 years and to have played in the greatest ballpark, Wrigley Field. My deepest thanks go to my teammates and the Cubs organization for taking a chance on a kid from Texas and welcoming me into the Cubs family. Thank you Cubs fans, the greatest fans in all of baseball, for believing in me and supporting me over the years. I will always be proud to have been a Chicago Cub. Although I’m a member of a new ‘Tribe’, I will forever be a Chicagoan.”

The ad in the Sun-Times was in full color while the Tribune’s was black and white. Here is a scan of the Sun-Times ad….

Many questions concerning Kerry Wood’s departure were directed toward the Cubs front office during last weekend’s convention. Wood will wear a new uniform for at least the next two seasons but is sure to receive a tremendous ovation when he returns to Wrigley in June with the Indians.

Kerry Wood will always be synonymous with the Chicago Cubs and the former Kid K showed a lot of class with his ‘good-bye‘ to the City of Chicago, the organization and the fans.

  • First Photo: 7/28/1995 – 1st Day as a Chicago Cub
  • Second Photo: 1995 – 1998 – Minor Leagues
  • Third Photo: 5/6/1998 – 20K Game
  • Four Photo: 2008

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