Wolf and Looper on Cubs Radar?

Pitchers and catchers report to Fitch Park in Mesa in 20 days and Jim Hendry is still looking to add pitching. When the announcement came on Thursday that The Ricketts Family was the winning bidder to become the new owner of the Chicago Cubs many speculated the addition of Jake Peavy would soon follow….but not so fast.

The Cubs might be having internal discussions about Peavy, but according to the Sun-Times, they have also discussed the possibility of adding Randy Wolf or Braden Looper….

According to the Sun-Times, “the Cubs may instead turn their attentions to more modest veteran pitchers such as lefty Randy Wolf and right-hander Braden Looper….with whom they’ve already had discussions…as shorter-term, moderately priced alternatives. Ownership approval still would be required for players at this level.

The Sun-Times mentioned the fact that Jake Peavy is still owed a lot of money ($63 million guaranteed over the next four year) and he will probably require his $22 million fifth year option to be picked up. Not only is Peavy expensive monetarily but also in the amount of prospects the Cubs would have to send San Diego’s way.

Reports earlier in the week from Lee Hamilton on XM Radio indicated a 4-for-1 or 5-for-1 deal for Jake Peavy that would not include Josh Vitters. The Sun-Times on Saturday morning reported trading for Peavy could cost the Cubs “a large, high-end chunk of the farm system, including 2007 top draft pick Josh Vitters, rated the 14th best prospect in pro baseball by Baseball America.

The Cubs are also concerned about the health of Jake Peavy. The Sun-Times mentioned the Cubs have had internal discussions about the wisdom of taking on a highly paid pitcher for four years who has had elbow and shoulder problems in recent years (albeit, no surgery).

Stay Tuned….

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