Are the Cubs Talkin’ Jake Peavy?

When the Cubs traded Mark DeRosa for three minor league pitchers they raised eyebrows. When they dealt Felix Pie for Garrett Olson, a pitcher the Padres were interested in back in December, and another pitching prospect…the Cubs stoked the fire.

According to the Sun-Times, the Cubs trading for Garrett Olson doesn’t signal a return to focusing on Jake Peavy.” The timing of the trade of Felix Pie to the Orioles, as the Sun-Times pointed out, seems a little too coincidental….the Tribune Company is expected to name a winning bidder for the Cubs by the middle of the week according to the Wall Street Journal.

Reportedly one of the obstacles in trading for Peavy has been adding at least $63 million ($59 million with a $4 million buyout) to the Cubs payroll over the next four years. Many think Peavy will request his $22 million option for 2013 be picked up in order to waive his no-trade clause.

The Sun-Times mentioned a possible pitching-heavy 5-for-1 trade on Sunday. Lee Hamilton stated much of the same on XM Radio Monday night. Hamilton’s sources indicated the Cubs are back in the Peavy Derby and it would be a pitching-heavy deal, possibly four or five going to San Diego for Peavy.

Here’s the rest on Jake Peavy and more from the rumor mill….

Jake Peavy

The San Diego Union-Tribune pointed out on Sunday night, not too long after the Cubs acquired Garrett Olson, the Padres “sought Olson from the Baltimore Orioles for Khalil Greene.” The Padres “also considered Olson a potential minor piece in 5-for-1 trade scenarios with the Cubs centering on Jake Peavy.The Union-Tribune indicated that it’s “overstating things” to assume “a Peavy trade is more likely now.

Sandy Alderson stated on Friday that he expects Peavy to be with the Padres on Opening Day, but then “kept the door slightly ajar” as well on Friday. Alderson “talked about announcing in mid-January that Peavy definitely will be with the Padres for Opening Day, but on Friday, he pushed it back to February 1st.

The Padres must reduce their payroll and they will pay Peavy $11 million of a projected $40 million payroll unless they move him.

The Union-Tribune reported Josh Vitters should be in a possible deal, along with Kevin Hart.

Ken Rosenthal indicated if the Cubs make another big deal, “it almost certainly will be a trade for Jake Peavy.

Lee Hamilton reported on MLB Live Late Edition on Monday night that the Cubs and Padres have renewed trade talks for Peavy according to his sources. He said the Padres must “get pitching back for Peavy” and he is hearing Sean Marshall, Garrett Olson, Kevin Hart and Jeff Stevens to San Diego for Peavy. He said Josh Vitters may not be involved and his sources said the Cubs pulled out the first time because they do not want to trade Josh Vitters.

Gary Hughes on XM Radio

Gary Hughes, Special Assistant to Jim Hendry, joined Holden Kushner during Inside Pitch on Monday afternoon. Hughes indicated Felix Pie would not have made the club this year. He said Pie is a great athlete and a great young player but when he would come up to Chicago he would put too much pressure to himself. Pie could not perform under the pressure associated with the Cubs.

Paul Bako could still be signed to back-up Geovany Soto according to Hughes, but the Cubs really like Koyie Hill. Hughes indicated Hill is a very good teammate and a solid defensive catcher. He said Geovany Soto will probably miss Henry Blanco more than anyone else because Blanco was a mentor to Soto.

Carlos Zambrano is not completely committed to the WBC. Ryan Dempster and Rich Harden could pitch for Team Canada (Dempster was not on Team Canada’s provisional roster Monday). Holden asked Gary Hughes about injuries and the WBC. Hughes said he thinks a lot of teams worry about players getting hurt in World Baseball Classic and Spring Training. Hughes thinks if injuries happen to players that participated in the WBC during the season that the tournament is unfairly blamed.

Jose Ascanio

According to Bruce Miles, the Cubs might “take a look” at Jose Ascanio as a starter in Iowa this season. The Cubs have “toyed with the idea” if Ascanio does not make the Cubs 25-man roster out of Spring Training. The Cubs would like to get him stretched out and develop his other pitches.

A Back-up Infielder?

According to Bruce Miles, Jim Hendry may be shopping for a free-agent infielder to fill a back-up role.” Could a deal for Rich Aurilia be on the horizon?

Cubs Lineup for 2009?

Steve Rosenbloom said if Lou Piniella can make out a lineup card based on the logic of just because, then so can I.Rosenbloom’s lineup for the Cubs:

  1. Ryan Theriot
  2. Aaron Miles
  3. Milton Bradley
  4. Aramis Ramirez
  5. Alfonso Soriano
  6. Derrek Lee
  7. Geovany Soto
  8. Someone who’s not Kosuke Fukudome
  9. Pitcher

Well, that’s the latest…..and I’m sticking to it!

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