Cubs Video On Demand Channel on the Horizon

11:44am C.T. ….Crane Kenney joined Bruce Levine and Chet Coppock on Talkin’ Baseball Saturday morning. Kenney discussed The Ricketts Family winning the bid to negotiate a deal to purchase the Chicago Cubs among other topics covered at last weekend’s Cubs Convention.

Kenney revealed during his interview that the Cubs are looking into launching a video on demand channel, “kinda a MLB Network just for the Opening Day.

Crane Kenney indicated they are attempting to launch the new channel by Opening Day that would feature behind the scenes video and “a lot of non-game content.” Kenney mentioned they shot video of several current Cubs at last weekend’s convention for use on the channel.

Kenney also stated the Cubs are still exploring an All-Cubs channel, similar to the YES Network (Yankees) and NESN (Red Sox) that would carry all Cubs’ games.

Bruce Levine tossed out a few other jewels and will have more later in the day…..

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