Winter Meetings 2008: Day Three….Will DeRo Stay, or Will DeRo Go?

Are the Cubs about to make a deal for either an outfielder or for Jake Peavy? Reports continued to surface throughout the day that the Cubs were close to landing Jake Peavy. Then one minute Mark DeRosa was in the possible “mega-trade” then the next he is not…by the way, one definition of the word ‘close‘ according to Merriam-Webster online is “to draw near or to enter into or complete an agreement.” Does either fit the ongoing rumors surrounding the Cubs, Jake Peavy or an outfielder than can hit left-handed?

Bruce Levine reported on his blog that Jim Hendry met with Seth Levinson, the representative for Milton Bradley and Raul Ibanez. Lou Piniella told Levine “that the Cubs will get a left-handed hitter for the lineup within the next couple of days.” Levine mentioned Bradley “has already been looked at by Cubs trainers during the last month” and Levine thinks Bradley “would be more suited to be a right fielder for the Cubs.

A report from, with Steve Phillips from ESPN used as the source, stated on Wednesday evening that a “mega-trade” was proposed for the Cubs to land Jake Peavy….with Mark DeRosa ending up in Philadelphia. The Cubs would send J.A. Happ or Carlos Carrasco along with shortstop Jason Donald from the Phillies, plus Jason Marquis, Felix Pie and Josh Vitters to the Padres for Jake Peavy.

Jayson Stark reported the Cubs do not want to trade Mark DeRosa on Wednesday night but once “word leaked out that DeRosa might be available, the Cubs have been bombarded with calls” from other teams interested in DeRosa.

Here’s more from the Day Three of the Winter Meetings….

Jake Peavy, Jason Marquis and Mark DeRosa

More on the “mega-trade“…. The report on stated, “ESPN’s list of prospects possibly headed to San Diego was not accurate according to a Padres source.” The prospects the Phillies would trade for DeRosa seems farfetched at best. Bruce Levine reported a similar deal earlier in the day on his blog. The Cubs would send Happ, Kevin Hart, Jason Marquis and Vitters along with a “good portion of Marquis’ contract” to the Padres for Peavy. Levine did not indicate what the Cubs would do with the second prospect they would receive from the Phillies for DeRosa.

The Minnesota Twins entered the equation on Wednesday but by the afternoon they appeared to be out, just as fast as they were in. Bruce Miles mentioned the Twins interest and described Mark DeRosa as “a hot commodity.The report from the Tribune that stated the Twins possible involvement, also passed along concerning information. From the Tribune:

“Some believe that the Padres are desperate to trade Peavy because of concerns he’ll blow out his elbow in the next year or two, not because of the financial problems of their owner, who convinced San Diego to build a new ballpark to field a competitive club but instead is dismantling a terrible team that general manager Kevin Towers constructed.”

According to a report on, Kevin Towers said he would know before he checks out of the hotel on Thursday if the Cubs and Padres have a deal. Towers said a fourth team would need to be involved for the Padres to receive enough for Jake Peavy.

Kevin Kennedy thinks the Jake Peavy deal will get done on Thursday.

Milton Bradley

According to the Tribune, Milton Bradley is “seemingly the leader in the clubhouse over Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez or a trade.

Bruce Miles reported Bradley was “touring other teams, but may come back to the Cubs when all is said and done” and Lou Piniella told Miles that “the Cubs probably would target a free-agent, and not a trade candidate, for the left-handed bat he covets.” Miles placed quotes around “left-handed bat” possibly referring to the fact Bradley is a switch hitter.

Randy Johnson

The future Hall of Famer “is still in play” to be signed by the Cubs if Peavy does not end up on the North Side. The Cubs feel a one-year deal for Randy Johnson would not be a bad decision.

Paul Bako and Henry Blanco

According to reports from Baseball Prospectus and the Daily Herald, Paul Bako could make another tour of duty for the Cubs. Baseball Prospectus reported the Cubs attempt at re-signing Henry Blanco has hit some snags“….and the former Cub could sign a minor league deal that includes a non-roster invite to Spring Training to compete with Koyie Hill for the back-up to Geovany Soto.

With information changing by the hour, check back for updates….

Well, that’s the latest for now…and I’m sticking to it!

Quote of the Day

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth