Winter Meetings 2008: Are the Cubs Close on Peavy?

Monday night in Las Vegas was more and more talk…with no action, at least on the Cubs front. Is it just the hype of the Winter Meetings, or will something soon transpire? The Cubs appear to be on the verge of landing Jake Peavy, but at what cost? And could the Phillies be the third team with Mark DeRosa involved? A report from Jayson Stark mentioned a possible 10-player deal that would involve three or four teams. According to Stark, “All signs now point toward Peavy becoming a Cub, simply because the Padres….after holding out for weeks for the sweetest deal possible….now appear to have no other option.

A report on’s Hot Stove Blog questioned if a Peavy deal was close and stated Kevin Towers has “facilitated a three-team and possibly a four-team deal that would send Peavy to Chicago for a package of players.” The third and fourth teams are believed to be the Orioles and Phillies and Towers “has gotten both sides to agree to the players in play who could be moved in a deal.A report from the San Diego Union-Tribune confirmed the story on Towers told the Union-Tribune the four-team trade is the most complicated of any trade negotiations in his 14 years as a GM.

With information changing by the minute, as of this writing, here’s the rest from Day One….

Updated – 11:39pm C.T. – with Information on the Peavy trade that appears to include Mark DeRosa
Updated – 12/9/08 – 12:07am C.T. – with Information from Ken Rosenthal and the Sun Timeson the Jake Peavy trade

Jake Peavy, Jason Marquis and Mark DeRosa

Phil Rogers joined Dave Kaplan on Sports Central (WGN Radio) Monday night and talked about the latest on the Cubs and White Sox that he was hearing in Las Vegas. Rogers said he spoke with Kevin Towers on Monday and Rogers feels a deal for Peavy is going to happen this week.

Rogers mentioned to Kaplan the deal for Peavy that he is hearing is framed so it would not disrupt the Cubs’ Major League roster. Rogers likes the idea of Peavy pitching for the Cubs but the one concern he has is Peavy’s performance in ‘big games‘ and in the postseason, especially game number 163 in 2007 against the Rockies. Rogers said the endorsement from Greg Maddux during his retirement speech on Monday spoke volumes to Peavy’s talent. According to Rogers, Maddux said Peavy is starting to come into his own.

Rogers repeated his statement that he thinks the Peavy trade would be completed this week. He brought up the four-team deal that brought Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs in 2004 and emphatically said, Hendry will find a way to get it done.

Bruce Levine reported in his blog that the Cubs will have conversations with the Royals and Mets about Jason Marquis…and “the Cubs will be willing to eat up to a third of the contract if they have to.Levine confirmed the Cubs spoke with the Rockies about Marquis but apparently Colorado does not have room to add Marquis’ contract.

Scott Miller from CBS, reported the potential deal for Peavy that could include the Phillies as the third team, might include Mark DeRosa and Jason Marquis. The Padres and Cubs have “engaged” the Phillies because of the young arms Philadelphia has in their system.

Miller mentioned the likes of Josh Vitters, Kevin Hart and possibly Jason Marquis would go to San Diego for Peavy. Miller stated if the Cubs cannot deal Marquis separately then he would be included in the deal to the Padres. The Padres would pickup $4 to $5 million of the $9.875 million dollars Marquis is owed for 2009….with the Cubs paying the remainder.

Ronny Cedeno and Angel Guzman have been discussed as pieces in the deal and Miller reported the Cubs do not want to part with Sean Marshall.

According to Miller it is “not clear who would be going back to the Phillies“, but it is known they “have interest in Cubs’ infielder Mark DeRosa.” The Phillies are looking to add a veteran arm to their rotation in case they cannot resign Jamie Moyer.

The San Diego Union-Tribune mentioned the Padres have asked about Michael Wuertz and if Mark DeRosa is in the deal, he would go to the Phillies to fill in for Chase Utley to start the season.

Milton Bradley

According to a report from Fox Sports, the leading candidates to sign Milton Bradley appear to be the Royals and the Rays….the Cubs met with Bradley on Sunday night according to reported Lou Piniella spoke with Rangers’ manager Ron Washington about Milton Bradley.

Felix Pie

According to a report by Roch Kubatko, the Orioles remain interested in Felix Pie. He added, “so don’t assume that ship has sailed.” The Cubs will not receive Garrett Olson straight up” for Pie unless he is involved in the deal with the Padres for Jake Peavy.

Jeremy Hermida

According to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, forget about Jeremy Hermida. The Cubs have not spoken with the Marlins about the left-handed right fielder “in quite a while.

Raul Ibanez

According to the Tribune News, Lou Piniella asked several reporters if Raul Ibanez can play right field….after he mispronounced his last name and called him a good kid.

Kerry Wood

According to a report from Gordon Edes on Yahoo Sports, the Tigers were “already pushing to sign a closer by making overtures to free agent Kerry Wood.

Check back for updates…as mentioned, the rumors, right now, are the news, and they are changing by the minute.

Well, that’s the latest for now…and I’m sticking to it!

Update – 11:39pm C.T. – According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the three or four-team deal for Jake Peavy could net the Phillies Mark DeRosa. DeRosa would serve as a fill-in for Chase Utley until he returns and then would shift to left field to give the Phillies a right-handed bat to possibly replace Pat Burrell. The Phillies would likely send “a prospect or two” that would be sent to the Padres for Peavy. One of the pitchers named… J.A. Happ.

Update – 12/09/08 – 12:07am C.T.According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, “the Cubs tried to interest the Phillies in Jason Marquis, but received only lukewarm interest.Mark DeRosa is one of the names that has been discussed, along with “probably 20 names with four to five clubs“…”an agreement is still not close“. Rosenthal is sticking to the numerous reports that the Cubs will not be able to trade for Jake Peavy until a new owner is decided.

A report in the Sun-Times mentioned many of the rumors that surfaced late on Monday night. The Phillies interest in Mark DeRosa, Angel Guzman possibly being involved and the fact Jason Marquis will have to be dealt, with one possible destination being the Padres with the Cubs paying $4 to $5 million dollars of his salary for 2009.

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