Winter Meetings 2008: Afternoon Updates from Day One

Day one from the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas was more about what could happen…than what did. Ron Santo not being elected into the Hall of Fame and Greg Maddux officially announcing his retirement dominated the daytime headlines from the Bellagio.

The Tribune Company filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday but according to Sam Zell, the Cubs, along with Wrigley Field, was not included in the Chapter 11 filing. The bankruptcy filing will not affect the Cubs according to a report from the Sun-Times.

As for the rumor mill…Jake Peavy to the Cubs by Tuesday? It’s possible according to the Sun-Times but if Peavy is not traded before the end of the Winter Meetings he will be the Opening Day starter for the Padres according to multiple reports, including one from XM Radio. In other words, Jake Peavy will be off the market “for the sake of the team, the fans and even Jake Peavy himself.

Here is a quick recap from the first day of the Winter Meetings….another update will post late on Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

Jake Peavy and Jason Marquis

The Jake Peavy rumors seemed to change by the hour on Monday, here’s the latest as of this writing:


  • The Cubs are the only team Kevin Towers is talking to about Jake Peavy
  • A third or fourth team could be brought into the mix
  • Kevin Towers is hoping to finalize the trade for Peavy by Thursday
  • Jim Hendry has not commented on the talks for Peavy
  • Kevin Towers does not want to go into Christmas still working on trading Peavy and trying to fill “so many holes.

From the Sun-Times:

  • Talks between the Cubs and Padres over Peavy are expected “to turn seriouson Tuesday
  • Cubs want to add a left-handed bat and deal Jason Marquis before completing the deal for Peavy
  • Kevin Towers is still seeking a 5-for-1 deal from the Cubs that could include Sean Marshall, Ronny Cedeno, Josh Vitters and Kevin Hart
  • Towers said he “would be open to dealing with the National League West

From the Tribune:

  • Jim Hendry refused to comment on the Peavy talks citing “tampering rules” as the reason
  • Hendry told the Tribune he is focused on a hitter and not a starter

From the Daily Herald:

  • Kevin Towers is nicknamed “Tampering Towers” by his peers
  • Towers termed the talks with the Cubs over Peavy as “ongoing
  • Nothing “of substance is getting done” on the Cubs possibly moving Jason Marquis to the Rockies. A rumor surfaced earlier in the day that the Rockies were interested in Marquis

From Baseball Prospectus:

  • The Padres want Felix Pie and Ronny Cedeno in any deal for Peavy…and the Rays could replace the Orioles as the third team involved in the Peavy trade with Brian Giles going to Tampa. Baseball Prospectus described the Giles rumors as a wild one making the rounds.


  • Jayson Stark reported that a deal between the Cubs and Padres would not have to be completed by the end of the meetings but “at least shortly after” the clubs leave Las Vegas.
  • The Cubs have “had some interest” on Jason Marquis, but the interest was described as not being “in the nibble form yet.

Other Rumblings

Well, that’s the latest, for now…and I’m sticking to it!

For more from Las Vegas….check out Aaron’s Blog from the Winter Meetings in the Community Blog section of the CCO.

Quote of the Day

"People who write about Spring Training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball." – Sandy Koufax