Third Team Found for Peavy Deal?

According to a report from the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles could be the third team involved in the would-be deal that would allow the Cubs to acquire Jake Peavy. The Baltimore Sun reported their sources have indicated the Cubs would send Felix Pie to the Orioles for left-handed starter Garrett Olson. Olson would be sent to the Padres as a part of the package for Jake Peavy.

Updated – 7:26pm C.T. with Additional Information

Updated – 11:58pm C.T. with Information from Ken Rosenthal which includes scenarios that could include Jason Marquis in the deal for Jake Peavy.

Update – 7:26pm C.T.Andy MacPhail and the Orioles asked about Felix Pie and Rich Hill last winter in the discussions over Brian Roberts. The Cubs former GM knows Pie has a major upside that has yet to develop with the Cubs’ organization. The Baltimore Sun described Pie as at one time being “considered one of the better young prospects in the game.

The Sun reported Garrett Olson as “one possible scenario” and the Cubs would acquire Olson for Felix Pie then flip him to the Padres in the package for Jake Peavy. Andy MacPhail told the Sun “no deal is imminent and acknowledged Pie is the kind of player the Orioles are pursuing to broaden the club’s position depth.

The Padres asked for Olson in exchange for Kahlil Greene earlier this winter. Olson is 10-13 with a 6.87 ERA in 33 starts over two big league seasons.

The Baltimore Sun mentioned the Cubs ownership change as being an obstacle that will cause the three teams to wait until after Monday’s deadline for all bids to be submitted to purchase the club. has also picked up the report from the Baltimore Sun.

Update – 11:58pm C.T.According to a report from Ken Rosenthal, “the Padres could take Jason Marquis, with the Cubs including enough money in the deal to reduce his salary to say, $7 million.” Marquis is owed $9.875 million for next season. Rosenthal also mentioned the Padres could “spin Marquis and the cash from the Cubs to another club.Rosenthal reported the Reds, Giants and Rockies have shown “varying degrees of interest” in Marquis.

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