The Peavy-mill Heats Up

According to a report on Thursday afternoon from Ken Rosenthal, it is down to the Cubs and Braves for the services of Jake Peavy. Less than 24 hours after Rosenthal stated the Cubs were the front-runner to land Peavy, the Braves have stepped up with a package that could include Yunel Escobar, either Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton and an unidentified third player believed to be a top prospect.

Rosenthal reported the Cubs could involve a third team which would allow the Padres to “spin one or more of the players they would receive from the Cubs to get additional pieces from another team.” Rosenthal stated the Braves are offering players that could help the Padres next season while “the Cubs better young players are in the lower minors.

Rosenthal reiterated if the Cubs land Jake Peavy and resign Ryan Dempster they “might need to part with Kerry Wood, reduce their payroll by trading Jason Marquis and pursue a more inexpensive left-handed hitting outfielder than they previously planned.

Rosenthal finished with the fact that Peavy has “established different criteria for different teams.

Chris De Luca reported in the Sun-Times that the Padres met on Wednesday night to discuss the Cubs offer but that no trade is imminent. De Luca stated the Cubs “stepped up their interest in Peavy after initial talks with Ryan Dempster revealed the All-Star is seeking a 5-year, $70 million dollar contract” according to one source.

The report in the Sun-Times added Sean Marshall or Rich Harden could be involved in a deal for Peavy, as well as Jeff Samardzija….the report did recognize the fact Samardzija has a no-trade clause in his contract.

Will update if more information becomes available….

Quote of the Day

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