Determination: Mathew Cerda

The Little League World Series has been front-page news in the baseball world in recent weeks. There are always intriguing stories that come out of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania but none so captivating as the one 7 years ago. Danny Almonte grabbed all of the headlines as he dominated the Little League World Series. Almonte had more than a bright future until it was discovered the pitching phenom was two years past his eligibility to play in the games. All of Almonte’s accomplishment were erased from the record books but it still had an impact on one player….Mathew Cerda.

Some may recognize his name, Cerda was the 4th round pick of the Cubs in this year’s draft and the 5’9″ shortstop, turned catcher, used his negative experience against the older Almonte as motivation to improve at the game of baseball.

Cerda’s story ran on Sunday morning on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. Here is a link to the video and to the entire story from So while the Cubs prepare to take on the Pirates on Monday night, take a minute and look at one of the newest members of the Cubs’ organization and how he got to where he is today.

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