Gammons Latest to Endorse Cuban

Peter Gammons became the latest to endorse Mark Cuban to be the new owner of the Chicago Cubs during Sunday night’s game on ESPN. Gammons followed his on air report on Sunday by bringing up many of the same points on his blog on on Monday….”Cuban Would Be A Great Fit to Join Cubs’ Family.” Most of the content is under the ‘insider‘ section of ESPN’s website, so here are a few of his points in a bullet-point format to keep from receiving a little note from the World Wide Leader. For those with the access, it is well worth the read….

  • The last time a sale was made in MLB without it being “manipulated by Bud Selig” was when Arte Moreno purchased the Los Angeles Angels. Gammons called it “a transition that has been a boom to the Angels franchise and the game.
  • Gammons stated there is speculation that Sam Zell will not let the Commissioner’s Office “puppeteer the sale.
  • Mark Cuban is “in this thing” more than Bud Selig and Jerry Reinsdorf (Sox owner) want to “believe“.
  • According to Gammons, David Sternhas told those associated with the Cubs that Cuban is one of the NBA’s best partners” and he is appreciated by his peers for understanding “fans and marketing.
  • Gammons called Cuban “one of the creative pioneers of the world of new media” and the “buzz” he would create would help the game.
  • Mentioned George Steinbrenner and Mark Cuban in the same sentence. Said Steinbrenner helped grow the game of baseball as well as the New York Yankees….and his actions will land him in the Hall of Fame.
  • Gammons added the Cubs are one of three “truly national baseball teams” and said baseball should welcome owners like Cuban.
  • Gammons ended by mentioning the good work Crane Kenney has done with Wrigley Field and stated if Cuban was to own the Cubs he could take the organization to the next level. Gammons finished with “this would be great for baseball and great for a city” that has already been on top of baseball for most of the summer.

….And remember, Peter Gammons is a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan and a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

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