Rambling from the Ledge

It’s about that time again … time for me to ramble … time for me to let you know how I feel … and shockingly … it may be how you feel as well.

So … here we go.

  • Yes, I like ellipses, the three-period thing, sorry.
  • Ryan Dempster said he thinks he worked harder than anyone else this last offseason. This makes me think a little. What if he did that every offseason? Or, if I worked harder than anyone else in my industry would that mean I got a four year, $50 million contract?
  • I think I am worth $50 million.
  • No seriously, ask any woman. Okay, back to reality.
  • Come in off the ledge, they won a game. Baseball is a long season, lots of ups and downs and there are more than two months to play.
  • Remember Alfonso Soriano … he hasn’t played in five weeks. And the Cubs are still winning the division. Okay, calm down.
  • In a comment below, tell me if you want to trade Derrek Lee. I sure as heck don’t.
  • I am in journalism school right now getting a master’s degree. One of the biggest things I have been taught is the awfulness of one-source stories. Established and respected outlets don’t publish one-source stories. So, if you have a buddy who claims something about a move a certain organization made, great. If you heard someone else say it, then awesome! Let me know.
  • By the way, Chris Deluca, Sun-Times baseball writer, wrote about the Harden trade two days before Sabathia was traded to the Brewers. He said Trader Jim had been working on the deal for a few weeks. He said The Hendry was motivated because it was clear he would not land Sabathia. That sounds proactive to me.
  • I am picking on someone right now and I need to apologize. Sorry. You know a lot. You probably know more about baseball, the game, than I do. But everything you hear is not factual. And you are not necessarily more ‘dialed-in’ than anyone else. Your scout buddy could get fired for saying that. If it was true, he would not have spoken those words. That is basic corporate policy.
  • Wow, I wasted everyone’s time on that, sorry.
  • How many homers would Mighty Mike hit if he played every day? 25, maybe? The kid has got some pop. And he is on a roll.
  • Carlos can hit a baseball. Carlos is strong. Brian is handsome and awesome.
  • Welcome, Mr. Harden. Matt, Sean and Eric … the best of luck to you. And thanks for everything you did.
  • Kosuke, hey buddy, um, why did you stop taking pitches and working counts? Hey, let’s make a deal … YES, just like a Japanese game show … take pitches and we will clap louder! Why? Because the more pitches you take, the better you do. Sound good? Supashi-bo. (That is ‘thank you’ in Japanese; sorry my computer does not have Japanese symbols.)
  • DeRo, DeRo, DeRo! … $13 million seems like a discount at this point.
  • Was anyone else praying for a tie in the All-Star game? Just to see what Selig would come up with this time? Me, too. It would have been great.
  • Um, I kind of think Justin Timberlake is funny and talented. I feel wrong. But I had to say it.
  • Thanks, that was cathartic.
  • Ryan Theriot is good. 13 game hitting streaks is pretty impressive. As many have said, he always plays on the edge of out of control, and I absolutely love it! If he keeps it up, it’s about time to look at him as our long-term shortstop.
  • I never did this … officially … Hollywood, welcome to the North Side. We are glad to have you. Keep it up.
  • Reed Johnson has the best facial hair ever. Any man willing to take a beard and make a fu-manchu on a Sunday morning is okay in my book. Oh, and he is kind of okay at baseball as well.
  • Carlos … Marmol, that is, keep it up. Trust yourself. It will be all good.
  • It is going to be tough. It is going to be hard. It will be fun to watch. But who knows what IT will become. Playoffs? Wild Card? Nothing? We are Cubs fans and no matter what, negativity and all, we will root and cheer until it is over.
  • However, I implore to stay positive, but remain realistic. Let’s find a balance. Don’t tell me, “I told you so” three days before an 11 game winning streak..

And, to close, I am implementing a new rule for the CCO … when you are wrong; you must admit it, as soon as possible. If you come on chiding someone and it turns out good, say so. When you say, “I told you so,” and you are right 18% of the time, it loses its luster.

I love you all. Arguing, commenting and debating are the crux of the greatness of this site. KEEP IT UP!

Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected], and until next time,

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!

Quote of the Day

"There are places I remember. All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places have their moments ... " John Lennon/Paul McCartney