Don’t Blame the Hop

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Alfonso Soriano’s hop is not the reason for the strained right calf he suffered on Tuesday night. Soriano said he “felt the calf problem a little in Pittsburgh last week.” Soriano said his leg was feeling better after Monday’s off day and “didn’t seek any treatment.

Soriano repeatedly denied the injury was caused by, what he calls his “jump“.

Jim Hendry said on Wednesday afternoon that Soriano should be on the DL for only the minimum amount of time. Lou Piniella described the injury as being less severe than last year. Piniella added, “The hop wasn’t the sole reason for this. It happened doing something else.” The feeling from both interviews was the decision to put Soriano on the DL was more for precautionary reasons.

A report in the Sun-Times reiterated Soriano should only be on the DL for 15 days and the Cubs do not want to rush him back. Soriano was wearing a protective boot before Wednesday night’s game according to the report in the Tribune.

Hopefully the short stint on the DL will also give Soriano enough of a break that when he comes back he will once again be the offensive force he was a year ago.

Quote of the Day

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