News Blurbs After Game Two

Lou Piniella’s impatience could be felt, and for good reason, after Wednesday’s sloppy loss to the Brewers. His crew played a bad game and one could almost see the wheels turning as he talked to the media. Lou Piniella despises losing and one thing is for certain, he will continue to make changes….this time he is not waiting for two months.

Alfonso Soriano will hit in the leadoff spot in Thursday’s game and this could be the first of several changes that takes place this season. Piniella said he would have a consistent lineup once the season began, but he also preached the importance of a fast start. Neither has happened thus far. Here is the latest from the newsroom….

Carlos Zambrano

According to several reports out of Chicago, Carlos Zambrano has to cut down coffee and energy drinks in order to avoid the reoccurring cramps in his forearm, According to a report in the Sun-Times, the Cubs’ trainers have tried to get him to cut down on the caffeine for the last few years.

The Cubs have contacted Gatorade Sports Science Institute to help with Zambrano’s cramping problems.

Yosh Kawano

The Cubs clubhouse manager “will be given new duties this season because of concerns about his healthaccording to a report from the Chicago Sun-Times. Crane Kenney announced on Wednesday that Kawano would no longer be working in the Cubs’ clubhouse. Kawano has been a part of the Cubs’ organization for past 65 years.

The Ernie Banks Statue

The misspelling on the Ernie Banks Statue has been repaired according to several reports. The apostrophe was omitted from “Let’s” in “Let’s Play Two“.

From the Inbox

FOX TV in Chicago sent the CCO an email on Wednesday with information about this season’s baseball contributors to the “Final Word“. Starting on April 6th, Ryan Dempster and A.J. Pierzynski will join Corey McPherrin and Tom Waddle on alternating weeks during the Sunday Sports wrap-up show that airs from 10:00-10:35 C.T.

Minor League News

Brian Dopirak signed a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays over the weekend according to a report on and will report to their Class-A affiliate in the Florida State League.

The Cubs released pitcher Joel Santo this past weekend. Santo was acquired, along with Fabian Jimenez, from the Padres for Scott Williamson in 2006.

Former first round pick of the Cubs, Mark Pawelek will begin the season in extended spring training according to a report from

An Acknowledgement

Last summer I helped with research and provided information for a new book on the history of the Chicago Cubs. I received an acknowledgement in the book and the CCO was mentioned as well. “Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today” by Steve Johnson will be available on April 15th and can be preordered through

Chicago Cubs Yesterday & Today by Steve Johnson

Quote of the Day

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." - Babe Ruth