CCO Radio Presents….Managers, Men and More Lip Service

Installment 8 – Managers, Men and More Lip Service

The CCO Radio returns for the latest edition on a much needed off day for the Cubs. Brian and Shaun, along with a special guest, discuss the latest from Carlos Zambrano’s great start to Ronny Cedeno to Ryan Theriot as well as the return of Alfonso Soriano. There is even a mention of Brian Roberts and discussion about Lou Piniella’s use of his bench over the weekend. Plus a couple of well-timed impersonations, the reminder to ‘Fear the Blanco‘ and after the first month….believe it or not, they are still excited.

After you are done listening, read on for twenty-five thoughts on the 25-man roster after 25 games….

“Managers, Men and More Lip Service – Installment 8”

Length – 44:57
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Twenty-Five Thoughts on the 25-man Roster after 25 games


  • Ryan Dempster – Better than expected, big start coming up on Wednesday, Lou Piniella’s second best pitcher over the first month.
  • Kevin Hart – First ball strike is the best pitch in baseball. When he does not fall behind in the count very effective, when he does very hittable.
  • Rich Hill – Stop thinking and start pitching. Too much talent to have his turn in the rotation skipped.
  • Bobby Howry – Thank goodness it’s almost May.
  • Jon Lieber – The best insurance policy in baseball over the first month.
  • Ted Lilly – Horrible start, decent finish….see Bobby Howry.
  • Carlos Marmol – Give him whatever nickname you would like….but his stuff is just plain nasty.
  • Jason Marquis – It is still early in the season and the Cubs are 3-1 in his starts.
  • Sean Marshall – Very effective out of the pen but if Rich Hill does not turn it around, could be back in the rotation by the end of May.
  • Kerry Wood – Dominating despite the two blown saves….Cubs won both games by the way.
  • Michael Wuertz – Good outing Sunday probably another bad stretch away from a temporary relocation.
  • Carlos Zambrano – Making good on at least one promise….just a year later.


  • Geovany Soto – Despite striking out 8 times in a row in 2 games, caught a shutout and if he could stay on track figures to get plenty of votes for NL Rookie of the Year. Jody who?
  • Henry Blanco – Ted Lilly’s personal catcher.


  • Ronny Cedeno – Finally starting to click. Has the ability to push Theriot. Question remains, will he?
  • Mark DeRosa – His value to the Cubs cannot be measured. Played 5 different positions in the first 25 games….and he can hit too.
  • Mike Fontenot – Has to pick it up or risk being replaced in Chicago by Eric Patterson.
  • Derrek Lee – MVP
  • Aramis Ramirez – Shown patience and hustle not known for this year. Continues to come up with the big swing. Better in the field of late.
  • Ryan Theriot – Great start, trying to hard of late. Off day should help let go of the last 4 games.
  • Daryle Ward – One hit, a big one….but just one hit.


  • Kosuke Fukudome – As advertised. Complete player, patient….and it is rubbing off on his teammates.
  • Reed JohnsonUnbelievable Catch and great pickup by Jim Hendry. Johnson and Fukudome have made a big difference in the first month.
  • Matt Murton – Looks like Murton will be the odd man out on Thursday when Soriano is activated. Has not taken advantage of the limited opportunity.
  • Felix Pie – What a throw on Saturday night. Great defense, if he could just hit. Patience.

The 26th Man

  • Alfonso Soriano – Hopefully time off will help his offense. Defense in left has been missed….but where does he hit?

Quote of the Day

"Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure." - Joe Maddon